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One for the youngsters: 'Decent Dan' part 2

This is Part 2 of Decent Dan, written for dads, mums, granddads and grandmas who might like to read a bed-time story to the youngsters... ... Full story

Surface Fishing for Carp

The weather is currently perfect for it, so it’s time you made the most of fishing on the top and here Duncan Hayward presents his simple guide to getting it right. ... Full story

Rookie on the riverbank - Episode 3/3

The third and final part of author Andrew Griffiths popular "Rookie on the Riverbank" series covers his adventures with the Kelly Kettle. Check the links at the end if you missed the first two. ... Full story

Beginners Essentials - LEGERING

Mark Wintle gives us another of his articles, this time introducing the art of legering. ... Full story

Rookie on the Riverbank: Part 2

Andrew Griffiths continues his delightful Rookie on the Riverbank series with this latest installment all about taking up the gentle art of fly fishing. ... Full story

Rookie on the riverbank - Episode 1/3

Andrew Griffiths begins this brilliant 3 part series called "Rookie on the riverbank" all about the trials and tribulations of starting off as a learner fly fisher! ... Full story

So you want to start carp fishing? Pt1

Part One of a two part series by Carp-coach Ian Gemson on what tackle is needed to start carp fishing ... Full story

Beginner's Essentials 8 - Float Fishing Basics

More from the beginner's series from Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden. This week they look at float fishing basics. ... Full story

Beginner's Essentials 7 - Tackle, Casting, Playing

Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden with more from the beginner's series. This week they discuss tackling up, casting and playing fish. ... Full story

Beginner's Essentials 6 - Getting Started

Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden continue with the beginner's series. This week is all about getting started. ... Full story

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