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Westlin Winds

Sean was so disappointed at the postponement of the Clattercote match he decided instead to start his winter chub campaign. ... Full story

Going the distance: Long range casting

Ian Gemson hits the far margins with this informative article on long-distance casting ... Full story

Autumn delights. Carp fishing as the leaves turn.

Carp coach Ian Gemson points the way for improved Autumn catches. ... Full story

Catching Big Chub on Boilies

In this, his first article for FishingMagic, Peter Hayes explains why he prefers boilies for catching chub. ... Full story

Overcoming Finicky Barbel

Dr Paul Garner takes a close look at the behaviour of late Summer barbel and ponders whether a more subtle approach can pay dividends. ... Full story

Pre-baiting small rivers for barbel

Dr Paul Garner tells how to get the best from a pre-baiting campaign ... Full story

Bream on the feeder - video

Great video with underwater footage by Dr Paul Garner ... Full story

Are you seeing every bite ?

Carp-coach Ian Gemson teaches how to tune the end tackle to indicate more bites ... Full story

Better Boat Fishing part 5

In this final part 5 Eric moves on to the methods best employed from a boat. ... Full story

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing

Here's an archive piece: an article from Mr Mole on how to catch those wriggly worms... ... Full story

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