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The Joy of the Storm Kettle!

Since acquiring the first of my two Storm Kettles some ten years ago I have had to decide on countless occasions whether to pack a symmetrical, compact, convenient vacuum flask or to take an extra bag containing the Storm Kettle, a bottle of water, waste paper, kindling, a cup, tea, milk and a spoon. ... Full story

Impatient Patient.....

I find myself sitting around with time on my hands having just had a large lump of titanium and assorted bolts and screws removed from my leg, the clinical insertion of which was caused by a motorbike accident some years ago. So, Plan A, which was hatched just before Xmas has had to be scrapped, and I’m not sure when or even what Plan B is at the moment. ... Full story

Bob Hornegold: Big Chub - Missing the Eights.

One of today's Forum posts included a link to the following article from Bob in February 2013. I thought it worth a re-run. Bob Hornegold had been after an 8lb chub for a very long time and he narrowly missed out again with this capture - it was a nine! Bob tells the story of one of the largest river chub of all time in his own words: ... Full story

Mix Pleasure with Pleasure at Letton Court in the Heart of the Wye Valley

The responsibility for choosing a conference venue or one suited to a very special social gathering can never be taken lightly: they’re all depending on you to get it right! ... Full story

Wayne and Jason go traditional...

          To comment on this comic strip, go to... http://www.fishingmagic.com/forums/fm-news-feature-comments/359954-wayne-jason-go-traditional.html#post1401675 ... Full story

Late Autumn Barbel and Pike: Dr Paul Garner.

This excellent account of some of Paul Garner's sessions a few years ago holds good: Wye barbel, reservoir pike and zander all in one article! ... Full story

Too much tackle!

When I was 11 years old my fishing tackle consisted of a 7ft glass spinning rod, an 11ft 3-piece cane float rod, an Intrepid Elite, an ex-army haversack, an 18 inch diameter landing net and an Oxo tinful of odds and sods. I also had a 36 inch wooden-poled umbrella. ... Full story

'The UK's marine reserves are nothing but paper parks'

This was the title of a 2012 article by well-known environmentalist, George Monbiot, on the subject of marine conservation and unearthed by our very own 'MarkG'. Mark reproduces it here with a few thoughts of his own to preface those of Monbiot. ... Full story

Paul Duffield, Maker of Fine Floats.

Paul Duffield Traditional Fishing Floats are individually hand-made in the U.K by Paul himself, using natural materials – Norfolk reed, quill and cane. His designs include Avons, perch and grayling bobbers, Nottingham sliders, still-water antennas and many more classic and traditional designs. Each float is sealed with several coats of quality waterproof lacquer so they will last for many seasons of fishing. ... Full story

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