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A Few Points to Ponder...

Rod Sturdy is back with a few points to air and issues to raise following his last FishingMagic feature. ... Full story

A Million Voices for Angling

Rod Sturdy is back with another hard-hitting opinion piece in which he throws down the gauntlet to FishingMagic readers to respond to his conclusion that, as things stand, angling ‘has no future’. ... Full story

Get on Board...

Rod Sturdy urges everyone to ‘get on board’…and to 'do it now' if they care about the future of fishing as much as he does. ... Full story

Chalk Streams - It's Time for Action

The plight of the English chalk streams has been in the media a lot recently (and quite rightly so), now Rod Sturdy has a say in his own inimitable fashion. ... Full story

Just What is Going on?

Angling is ‘tearing itself apart’ and in a forthright opinion piece Bob Hornegold wants to know just what the bloody hell is going on! ... Full story

Getting Kids into Angling

Following a recent worrying report about the lack of youngsters taking up angling 15-year-old student, James McClusky, takes a look at some of the reasons behind the decline, and suggests a few possible solutions ... Full story

Martin Gay and the 48lb Common...Setting the Record Straight

A four year-old forum post prompts one of Martin Gay’s old friends to take a look back at what was, at the time, a very controversial capture ... Full story

The Angling Trust – What is it? And What has it Achieved?

Rod Sturdy is back and banging the ATr drum, but before you switch off and decide that angling politics is ‘boring’ and not for you, why not have a read? As Rod himself says, “There are too many people still confused about/ignorant of what the ATr is.” ... Full story

Otters, Angling and the BBC - No Right of Reply

Mark ‘The Spark’ Williams responds Rod Sturdy’s opinion piece on the recent BBC ‘Springwatch’ programme and finds himself in broad agreement...but... ... Full story

Otters, Angling and the BBC - Amateurish, Inaccurate and Biased.

Rod Sturdy voices his opinion on the recent ‘Springwatch’ programme on the BBC. ... Full story

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