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Preview – Rovex John Wilson Avon/Quiver DeLuxe 11-13ft


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Preview – Rovex John Wilson Avon/Quiver DeLuxe 11-13ft

Jeff examines the very latest version of an long time favourite rod amongst anglers.


This is how Angling Direct, a retailer of Masterline, describes it -

Masterline Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Deluxe, is new for 2010!  The orginal John Wilson's 11ft Avon Quiver system was probably the best selling rod of all time. But for 2010 production has moved to Jarvis Walkers factories giving improved quality levels improved specifications and greatly improved prices.

100914jwaq1_266119098.jpgThe rod is New For 2010, is 11ft with a dolly butt to enable it to be fished at 13ft , its ideal For A Huge Range Of Angling Applications! Comes supplied with 1 Avon Rod Top, 1 Quiver Rod Top, plus 3 Push In Quivertips!

We are so amazed by this rod from the Masterline stable that we would like to give you the opportunity to try it for yourself and if after 10 days you are not completely satisfied, simply call us and we will arrange for collection and we will refund the price of the rod in full!

Built with ultra high modulus carbon, the John Wilson Avon Quiver System consists of two top sections, one is a standard Avon top, the other a quiver tip section which is supplied with a choice of three different push in tips of varying test curves to cover whatever situation you may encounter. Also supplied with a dolly butt, enabling the rod to be fished at 11ft and 13ft.

With lined rings throughout and a test curve of 1.25lb, the rod will cope with hook links down to 1lb and reel lines up to 8lb. The possibilities are endless....When using the hollow tip,  its suitable for fishing down the margins with a float, or up in the water with a pellet waggler. With a quick change of the top section, you can be fishing the method or the ‘tea bag’ (PVA) within a matter of minutes! The rod also copes effortlessly with moving water, if you are targeting Chub, Barbel or Roach, casting maggot or groundbait feeders. At this amazing price it makes sense to always have one ready in your holdall as it will cope with all fish and conditions you may encounter.

All in all a rod for all seasons and a rod for all reasons. And lets face it; if you buy this rod you are in fact buying 2 different rods for the price of one!

RRP - £79.99
Angling Direct are offering this superb rod currently for only £49.99 (click here for details)

100914jwaq2_700314064.jpgThe Reviewer says –

It was back in the early 1990’s that I first heard of a John Wilson Avon Quiver and when I saw one, I thought they were the best idea since sliced bread! I got one and after I’d used it I recommended it to anyone I met who commented on it. I also said that for most anglers, all they ever required was 2 rods, a decent float/match rod and a John Wilson Avon Quiver and that would cover 90% of their angling needs.

It was true then and it is still true today. These rods will handle anything from a 6ozs dace to 15lbs carp in still or flowing water. I have such confidence in them, I recommended them to a close friend of mine who was starting up and he not only bought one for himself, but one for his grandson also. In fact, he uses it most of the time he goes fishing now as at 11ft, it’s shorter than his float rod and he can get it under the trees.

These rods are just so versatile and comfortable to use, you can even use them with a pellet waggler. My early one was just the 11ft with no extensions, but this new one has the extension to 13ft provided. That will be of benefit to anyone wanting long casting of feeders and bombs or greater control of an Avon style stick float in a river. The handle is removed and the dolly butt inserted before the normal butt section, quite neatly too.

100914jwaq3_467197751.jpgThe rod is still finished in its familiar green and it is a fully ground (sanded if you prefer) blank to produce a completely smooth surface along all of its length and equipped with good rings that will be OK to use with braid if you wish. The reel seat is a comfortable screw down type that will take a reasonable sized reel and the handle is of suitable length too, making it easily transferable from one hand to the other.

It is still, without doubt, the ubiquitous rod it always was doing almost everything an angler requires of it. Anyone starting up fishing or moving to specialist angling could do no better than to get one of these rods. At the RRP of £79.99, reduced from last year's price, it would be a bargain, but with Angling Direct's amazing offer it becomes something you just cannot afford to miss.

Click here to go straight to Angling Direct to get one.

Don’t miss out!


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