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NashBait Rock Salt


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For once a bait  additive that really does work! For once a bait additive that really does work!

Ian Welch reviews a couple of salty offerings from the NashBait bait cupboard.









According to the labelling on the packaging ‘Rock Salt is the Carp Worlds [sic] best kept secret...’

I must admit that is the only bit of the packaging I would disagree with for surely the use of salt is one of the worst kept secrets, not just in carp fishing but in all of specialist fishing? I certainly can’t recall not having used it in some form or other for my fishing for years – even if only in the form of adding a can of tuna in brine to a bucket of groundbait and properly used, salt certainly attracts fish.

That said there has clearly been a bit of confusion as to the use of salt in fishing, especially in respect of what salt to use, and I have seen anglers who have clearly heard about the powers of salt as an attractant sprinkling table salt over all manner of baits. For the record table salt, with its various additives and anti-caking agents, is not the stuff to use. In moderation it won’t do the fish any harm but it’s not really what you want in your swim – you want rock salt, and human grade rock salt too.

All credit then to NashBait then for taking the ‘mystery’ away from salt and providing exactly what anglers require, and in two very different formulations, with clear instructions as to how it should be used and, more importantly, in what quantities it should be used

First up are the Top Rod rock salt crystals, which are large crystals of rock salt designed to be added directly to groundbaits and spod mixes or catapulted straight into your swim at a recommended rate of 50g to kick start the session with a recommended usage of 150 – 200g per 24 hour session.

They are also ideal for dissolving in water to cook or soak particles, to mix into groundbait or stick mixes or indeed to crush and add to or shake over any bait you fancy.

Next up from Nashbait, and part of the same range, are the rock salt Chain Reaction attractants which are pre-drilled ready to be slipped over a hooklength where they dissolve to give a steady breakdown of rock salt into your swim. Breakdown time depends upon water temperature but the baits soften rapidly and start to leach salt almost immediately they are immersed.

Both products are easy to use and, if you have never used salt in your baits before, both WILL help you to catch more fish – what’s not to like!


The Top Rod rock salt crystals are supplied in a 1kg bag for £4.99 and the Chain Reaction rock salt in an 800g tub for £7.99 and both are available from all NashBait stockists.

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