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Carp Fishing - NashBait Snow Pots


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Snow Pots - perfect presentation for every aspect of modern carp fishing? Snow Pots - perfect presentation for every aspect of modern carp fishing?

Keith Sykes reviews a new boilie system that could be the answer to every carp angler’s dreams!








‘Snow Pots’ are the answer to every boilie angler’s dreams, and for that matter they make perfect bait presentations for every aspect of modern day carp angling, so exactly what are ‘Snow Pots’?

The product is a three part system; in the lower pot are 15mm bottom baits, in the top section there is a pack of  fluoro rainbow coloured 10mm pop ups, and finally there is a small pot of booster liquid.

The booster liquid is specifically made from the boilie flavour with added feeding stimulants and triggers and can be used to elevate the normal flavour level, making it  ideal when fishing solitary singles, or over silty/choddy bottoms where an elevated flavour level could be more beneficial into triggering a bite.

The great thing about this system is the multi coloured fluoro rainbow pop ups, which come in orange, pink red, yellow and white offering a greater range of visual permutations to the angler’s rig. Tipping the bottom bait with one of these small pop ups will create the perfect balanced snow man rig as long as you use a matching size hook.

If you want to make the rig more buoyant then there is no reason why you can’t combine two pop ups, try different colours and then balance the rig out with a small amount of cling on putty. The nice touch is that you can change the colours of the pop ups for the conditions you are fishing under, ringing the colour changes is so much easier with ‘Snow Pots’ giving a much better chance of a bite.

The awesome Monster SquidOf course you can use all the components individually in their own right, so for instance you could use an orange and white pop up in combination with each other as a dedicated pop up rig. Snow Pots just ensure that your rig is fishing as functionally as is possible.

They come in the following supreme range of flavours from the proven track record of Nash Baits, with dedicated colours in the bottom baits: Amber Strawberry (the winter special), Monster Squid, Monster Squid Black (the big fish bait), Scopex Squid (what can you say about this flavour combo?) and Scopex Squid Red.

Available from all Nashbaits stockists at an RRP of £6.99


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