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The Goddard Zig Rig


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The Goddard Zig Rig The Goddard Zig Rig

I have been using this version of the Zig Rig for some years, says Chris Goddard, usually with my own version of the bread roll rig.

I usually use this rig with my own version of the bread roll rig. I have been using it for some years and have caught several fish with it.

I can see the awkwardness of the way the zig rig usually seems to be used, but this is such a simple solution I wonder if there is something wrong with it

Silicone tubing has been omitted for clarity.

From the right:

  • A stop-knot tied on the line.
  • A small plastic bead to hit the knot.
  • An ordinary buffer bead to stop the leger ring passing over the small ball.
  • Leger ring with weak link to allow the lead to beak off
  • Another buffer bead (to allow easy switch-over to leger rig if you want to, by breaking off the cork ball)
  • Swivel and long fluorocarbon hooklength (for bread roll rig)


Chris Goddard (Klik2change)

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Comments (2 posted):

Cliff Hatton on 21/08/2010 17:59:59
What's the little cork for, Chris?
The Sogster on 21/08/2010 20:02:00
I imagine the cork is used to help get the hookbait up to the surface on deeper waters, the bait doesn't have to be so buoyant to pull up the weight of line from the lead.

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