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Scott's PVA Salt Bag Rig


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PVA bag ready to cast PVA bag ready to cast

Most anglers will know just how effective salt can be when mixed into groundbait, spod and stik mixes, but here, Scott Ratcliffe adds it neat to a bag of crushed boilies.



I’ve been playing with salt for a long time now, here I’m going to show a tip on how to use it.

Going back to my days when working at Dream Lakes in the beginning of the summer months, when the weather was just starting to warm up, I would use a salt tablets in my PVA bag with chopped up boilies. This method worked well and helped put some good size fish on the bank.


When I returned to England I tried to source the best salt to use and after a long time playing with all different types, Maldon salt was the best by far. You can now get this in most supermarkets; I even use it in all of my cooking. When I placed sea salt into lake water, the polar water molecules cluster around the salt and this gives off a charge from the electrons in the salt and with the flavours of the bait coming off at the same time it results in a good feeding frenzy for any fish in the area. 


Place a small amount of salt in to the PVA bag; here I’m using a PVA solid tube from SCR Products. 


Chop your boilies up into small pieces and place into the PVA bag


The finished PVA bag all filled ready to cast out.

Here I don’t pierce the bag as I want it to float up off the lead then slowly dissolve and drop all the goodies around my hook bait, the carp just ‘hoover up’ taking all the free offerings and the hook bait in at once. 


The end result a nice mirror which fell to this method 

Good luck with this method

Scott Ratcliffe


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