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HOW TO: Set up a Side Clip Running Rig


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HOW TO: Set up a Side Clip Running Rig

Ian Gemson modifies a running rig with a side clip to get the best of both worlds.

The running lead is possibly the most effective and simple carp lead system you can use. The common problem of bite definition when using side clip lead systems and slack lines are completely done away with when using a running rig as it always gives positive indications on the bobbin. This setup also offers good tangle-proof properties. I have modified a side clip system clip to accept a speed link; this provides a neat, simple, effective running rig with all the casting benefits of a side clip system.


What you need

1. Korda lead clip
2. Korda tail rubber.
3. Korda Kwik link
4. Korda safe zone leader


Step 1

Using a pair of strong pliers carefully flatten the Korda Lead clip.>



Step 2

Carefully cut the swivel off the Korda safe zone leader.


Step 3

Put the Korda Kwik link onto the Korda safe zone leader.



Step 4

Use a short length of 3mm fine wall silicone tube to cover the swivel on the lead.



Step 5

Use a gated baiting needle to thread the lead clip and tail rubber onto the Korda safe zone leader.



Step 6

Now add you lead to the side clip and slide the tail rubber down about 3 ridges onto the lead clip body.


It is a simple task to add your hook length to the Kwik link. Notice how the Kwik link sinks into the lead clip body. This set up does away with the need of 3mm silicon tube to prevent the hook length becoming undone in the Kwik link.

Ian Gemson - Smartcarping.com

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