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Deadly baiting and Deadly hookbaits!


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NoKnot with a cracking Honkers Common NoKnot with a cracking Honkers Common

NoKnot describes his baiting methods for carp...

Deadly Baiting


How can you utilize your baiting patterns and how they are placed to set that deadly trap for a big carp? Just bait an area? Or can we do more to draw the carp to the hook-bait?

This may sound easy, but give it a little thought?

We all know about standard baiting patterns, but why not use a method of drawing the carp to your hook bait? Using the baits to draw them in if you like!

This is my method:
Imagine a dart board, with three coloured rings, blue outer, white inner and a red centre! Almost akin to a magnetic field. Now for this to work, the spots need to be found first, as this is not magic. But once found the carp can be made easier to catch!

NKdeadlybaiting1.jpgI said "use the baits to draw them in" So we need three types of baits! Getting good now innit? The First type is a good food source bait, I love the fishmeal HNV with oil. 

Second is the same bait. With added oil on the outside before being frozen, the baits will absorb more oil. The Third is the microwave and glugged hook baits.

Now think of the dartboard effect on a prime area. The outer baits get them feeding, the next are oily covered baits and at the bulls eye is the glugged hookbait!

This works, and I have used this method on some seriously difficult waters! To be honest, it's not worth the time and effort on easy runs waters, but it is on more serious harder carp waters.

Give it a go, you never know, it may just work for you!

Good luck!

Deadly hookbaits.

As you know, quality food-source bait will out-fish rubbish every time, this is a fact! I don't understand how people fish three rods all with different baits? I suppose it's a lack of confidence in the bait. I use only one bait but I make sure that it's the best I can make!

This is important as the quality of the bait will get the carp feeding on it again and again!

Okay, to the hook-baits; these baits are rolled paste, and then microwaved. Make sure you turn them every 15-20 seconds and do not let them touch each other as they will burn! Check them after a few blasts by placing one into a glass of water, and it may sink after a few secs.  Don't worry about that, if it pops up well in the water then they are done!

Now to making them into the best hook-baits! Ready?

For pop-ups:
Leave them to stand until cold, then glug in salmon oil, the oil will be absorbed right to the centre of the bait and will release through the water levels for up to 48 hrs!

NKdeadlybaiting2.jpgFor a bottom bait:

Put them straight into the oil whilst still hot, you will see the oil level go down as it is absorbed by the baits, but they will not be a pop-up!

Just imagine the attraction of these baits, the oils will spread out and also up through the water level, like the Bisto ad!
So no matter which level in the water the carp are, they will pick up the oil trail, which will then lead them straight to your hook-bait. Even after 48 hrs in the water they still are releasing the oil. It's great to wind one in and chuck it in the margin, the oils can be seen popping out, Confidence?

I passed this on a while ago to a FM member in the UK, and he has been hauling when all others are on a blank, even to this day!

Okay, last point: Oils!

This time of year you need an oil that will not congeal. I recommend sesame seed oil, garlic flavored sess, or pure Salmon oil. These are also great in the summer and they will keep forever as long as they are kept covered in oil. This method will work on all types of waters!

I hope this helps out a few of you, it works for me! Good luck!


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