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General Coarse Rigs

The Smiffrig

Was this fish caught on one of the most complicated rigs in history? ... Full story

Dave Burr’s Running Barbel Rigs

Following a forum thread about running barbel rigs Dave Burr reveals what he uses. ... Full story

The Floating Reed Rig

Clive Pennington rarely loses hooks in weedbeds. Here's why. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - The Meatball Rig

Not the easiest bait to use, but here's a rig for hooking meatballs. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - Simple Running Leger

A section devoted to illustrating rigs - The Running Leger Rig, suitable for swimfeeders and other eyed leger weights. ... Full story

Big Rik's Barbel Rig

Big Rik's Barbel Rig. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - The Brummie Barbel Rig

Big Rik with The Brummie Barbel Rig. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - Simple Float Stop

Just a simple silicon rubber float stop, but it makes life a lot easier. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - The Cagefeeder

An addition to the Rigs Page Library - The Cagefeeder Rig. Especially useful for feeding mashed or liquidised bread. ... Full story

The Rigs Page - Back Lead Barbel Rig

A rig from Alan Marshall for spooky barbel when you need to get the line flat on the bottom and out of the way of rooting barbs. ... Full story

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