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Predator Rigs

The Rigs Page - The Dave Horton Trace

Andy Doughty illustrates the Dave Horton predator trace. ... Full story

Pike Care Kit

The essential kit and instructions for unhooking and returning pike. ... Full story

John Sidley Eel Rig - For Catfish

The well proven and efficient John Sidley eel rig specially adapted by Big Rik for catfish ... Full story

The Poppernoster Pike Rig

Chris Bishop shows us the Poppernoster Pike Rig, a rig for fishing virtually tangle-free popped-up deadbaits. ... Full story

Making A Pike Trace By Crimping

Step by step guide to making a 'snap-tackle' pike trace using crimps. ... Full story

Twisting A Pike Trace

Step by step guide to making a 'snap-tackle' pike trace by twisting rather than crimping. ... Full story

Deadbait Lifebelts

Mark Williams puts an old mouse mat to good use as lifebelts for deadbaits. A bit too late for that I would have thought..........But another cracking idea for the Rig's Library. ... Full story

The Noble Art Of Bottom Bouncing

You would have thought this was a device that belongs in the FM Forum's X-rated Baitbox section but not so, it's a neat gizmo for lure fishing. Read what Jeremy Airey has to say about it.... ... Full story

The Hinged Cast

Mark Williams with a rig adapted from one that appeared in Fred Buller's Book of Rigs and Tackles. ... Full story

Drop-Off Pike Indicator

Fenland piker Chris Bishop contributes another addition to the Rig's Page Library with a simple, safe but very effective drop-off indicator. ... Full story

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