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Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp - Part Four

Emma is looking to get a few bites - and has set up some very cheap, basic kit - carp fishing doesn't have to be expensive or complicated... ... Full story

Simply Wrassetastic!

Martin Salter’s latest blog finds him on the Scilly Isles flinging soft plastic lures at some serious wrasse. ... Full story

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: Tony’s Specialist Scene

This month Tony’s looking ahead to his winter campaigns, and musing on some of the problems faced by the long-session angler in the 21st Century… ... Full story

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp - Part Three

Emma's on a mission to catch a big winter carp but is starting off by looking to catch anything! ... Full story

Sea Fishing – Alan Yates’ Monthly Diary

In his latest diary offering Alan Yates asks if you are ready for winter, and for some ‘proper’ sea fishing? ... Full story

Fishing wth Emma: Winter Carp - Part Two

In her new angling adventure Emma is on a commercial pool, hoping to be able to tempt one of the larger carp. ... Full story

Review: Dirty Dog Clank Sunglasses

The FM team check out another great pair of Polarising glasses from Shade Station. ... Full story

Pondering and Wondering

Kevin Perkins is back, and is in reflective mood… ... Full story

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp - Part One

Emma has now switched her sights from pike to carp; join her and learn more about cold water tactics. ... Full story

Roger Wyndham Barnes - A Life Well Fished

Martin Salter and colleagues look back at the life of the last great Thames professional, Roger Wyndham Barnes. ... Full story

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