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Andy Scholey: 'Days of Wine and Barbel'

With one eye on a day with Graham Elliott on the Wye, Andy Scholey admits to learning a lesson from his better half, Sue. ... Full story

The Crow: 'Guesting'

First up in the Fishing Magic Writing Competition is no other than yer very own Crow with a truly evocative story of childhood exploration. ... Full story

Maintaining the Standard

In response to Derek Gibson's Forum question, Steve Pope wrote: "Easiest way [to keep FM lively] is for those who post on the forum to write articles, the more the merrier" ... Full story

EXTREME Urban Fishing!

FM's recent article on town-centre fishing certainly rang a bell with John Smith. Here he describes some of the sights and sounds - and smells - that keep him going back for more.... ... Full story

Mind how you go...

The recent months-long deluge to hit this country has left the ground not just wet but absolutely saturated, and the dangers of this to river fishermen was really brought home to me yesterday on a brief visit to the Wye at Whitney Court. ... Full story

Caption Competition

This is a bit different...there's no one there! But that needn't stop the wit and originality of Fishing Magicians...AND there's a wee reward from Laguna Baits for the best entry. ... Full story

Urban Angling

The expression ‘Urban Fishing’ entered the anglers’ lexicon a few years back. It came with the backing of ‘edgy’ Youtube videos featuring young hoodies - skateboard in one hand, rod in the other - contemplating the fishy potential of the junk-filled town stretch before them. The backdrops were not of rolling hills or lush farmland but of brutal concrete ugliness further defaced by graffiti and discarded drinks tins; by night, they’d be the haunt of druggies and other undesirables. But I could see the attraction. ... Full story

Not hungry? NOT HUNGRY??

Romford, Essex man, Dave Staff, refuses to accept the wisdom of centuries - and who can blame him? ... Full story

Caption Competition

Not an easy one at first glance but, really, the world's yer lobster... ... Full story

The Pondwood Fishery Story

My name is Mick Holdaway and I am the owner of Pondwood Fisheries. I purchased Pondwood as a derelict farm in 1986. My love of fishing was trout and fly fishing. ... Full story

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