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The Swim-Finder 'Stinker' - an occasional feature.

The Swim-Finder 'Stinker' will appear from time to time - and it won't be easy! Indeed (and for obvious reasons) it'll be damn impossible for most. But the venues will vary geographically so most viewers will be in with a shout at some time. ... Full story

A Tumbleweed of Starlings

One of the striking aspects of starling flocks is the lack of rhythm in their flight. It looks all metropolitan bustle and hurry, but as I emerge on the track by the marsh I can hear the air rush through all those wings. Then there comes that eternal rash of brittle notes that is the essence of starling palaver. ... Full story

Cartoon Caption Competition no....?

It's about time we had another caption competition isn't it? Get your brain-boxes into gear, Fishing Magicians - we've a few more SUPERB FM baseball caps up for grabs... ... Full story

Passive Fishing is Bad for the Health

How anglers see passers-by, and how passers-by see anglers. ... Full story

A Tale from the Riverbank...

I exhumed from the depths of my dresser-drawer the following account from an old mate and thought it might make both pleasant reading and a spur to further accounts from FM viewers - ED ... Full story

The Write Stuff

This rambling came about in part as a response to a recent Forum posting regarding articles on FM. ... Full story


It's really good to see Kevin Perkins in 'print' again. Enjoy this wistful look at good times to come - very shortly! ... Full story

Emma's Challenge - Part 23

Emma's challenge has not exactly been going to plan, let's see if she fares any better with the next species! ... Full story

Emma's Challenge - Part 22

After being plagued by skimmers in her roach session, Emma has moved on to the next leg of her challenge, so what's up next? ... Full story

Piscatorial Poetry: Verse for the Sensitive

With angling becoming increasingly hi-tec and commercialized, your editor feels the need for something a little more genteel... ... Full story

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