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Eddie Benham: Chips and Fish

It had been a warm Thursday in late June, and as there was nothing much on television that evening, I was sitting quietly in my armchair, reading the latest edition of Tenchfisher, and enjoying a glass or two of a very nice red wine. ... Full story

Letters from Essex: The Whinger gets his come-uppance.

9.1.95 Dear ****, Got the flu, or the remnants of it, at least. I’m very pissed-off and ain’t wet a line since New Year’s Day which I’ll tell you about later. Meanwhile, I’m killing time waiting to go to work tonight (it’s about 7pm as I write) so I thought I’d sit and daydream about balmy Autumn days beside a Wessex river…of flat-calm, freezing, foggy November mornings…of jewel-like June dawns beside a favourite tench lake that’s so flat and unruffled that the peacock quill looks like it’s in a painting of Venables’ , but then I thought ‘Nah… **** it, I’ll pen a letter instead’. ... Full story

Letters from Essex: STOP PRESS!!

Dear *****, Thought I’d let you know that just after I’d popped-out to post my last letter to you the other evening, I’d just got in and the phone was ringing AND it was actually for ME – a rare occurrence in my house with four daughters. ... Full story

So What Do Carp Really Eat?

This is a re-run of Ian Gemson's excellent 2012 article. Well worth a second reading, I think... (Ed) ... Full story

Mrs O'Dell: Best Keep Schtum!

Beep, beep , beep, the alarm sounded on the bedside table, Tony reached out one hand and pressed the off button, threw back the covers and slowly got out of bed. ... Full story

Letters from Essex: The Third of a Few...

3.11.1997 04.10am Dear ****** I’m at Henry’s [Fords] after Sunday’s debacle. You should have read by now of Saturday’s trip down to ****** ... Full story

Rod Sturdy: Trev the Bailiff.

In the claustrophobic atmosphere of twenty-first century Britain, certain people are a breath of fresh air. They are an excellent antidote to the current climate of political correctness and our modern morbid fixation with health and safety. ... Full story

Letters from Essex: the second of a few...

1.11.97 Saturday evening Dear ***** I’ve just got in, had me dinner and got sat down. It’s 8.30 as I write and for once we ain’t going out tonight, which I ain’t sorry about cos I’m knackered after a gutful of ale and sloe gin last night, and an early start to go down to ****** on The Doctor’s trout reservoir. ... Full story

Roll on June the 16th – reflections on barbel angling

TF Gear and Fishtec online marketing manager Ceri Thomas talks about his new-found favourite river fish - the hard fighting barbel! ... Full story

We've All Been There!

...haven't we? Probably more than once, but we never learned our lesson! ... Full story

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