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We've All Been There!

...haven't we? Probably more than once, but we never learned our lesson! ... Full story

Letters from Essex: The First of a Few.

Dear ***** Thanks very much for your letter which I got last week. I really did enjoy it. I’ve read it at least a dozen times! ... Full story

Every Picture Tells a Story - Graham Elliott: 'Kismet'

Graham Elliott’s directions were spot-on. I swung a left off the main road to Ross and there were the first of my landmarks – a pub and a church. Further on I noticed the village school, then the Bed & Breakfast followed by a rustic sign for his turning. ... Full story

May 2016 Laguna Baits Caption Competition - one day early!

Well...there'd been no fresh April entries for days on end so we thought we'd get another ball rolling straight away. This month we feature a somewhat bizarre scene! What do you make of it? Give it as many shots as you like and, in a month's time, you could be in receipt of some gen-u-ine Laguna Bait kindly donated by ...Laguna Baits!

Eddie Benham: My First Car

I bought my first car from a mate of mine around 1962 when I was a young man aged 20 years old. It cost me the grand sum of £15 and I had to buy a car battery for it that cost me another ‘fiver’, so for £20 I was on the road and new horizons now lay ahead to be explored. ... Full story

Every Picture Tells A Story: Maggi's Monster

One wall of Geoff Maynard’s office is adorned by a dozen or so framed photographs of specimen fish and their captors: there are carp, pike, catfish, tench, barbel…but the one that never fails to draw me in is the sturgeon lying across the arms of Geoff and his wonderful wife, Maggi, who caught it. ... Full story

Worms...I did it my way!

A while ago I started a thread "MY WORMERY" in which there was some interest. At this time of year the worms are at it like rabbits and multiplying rapidly so I thought I would supply this as a mini article, especially as there has been a similar topic on FM recently, so the interest is still there. ... Full story

Monster Bluefish in an Australian Paradise

What do you do when a bucket list destination – the sort of place you might visit the once – becomes an obsession? ... Full story

Pottle in a Pickle

I have on one or two occasions written about my old club waters at South Ockendon in Essex, the paradise that was lost to Thurrock Council’s lack of imagination and London’s need for a massive waste disposal site where the humble council-house residents wouldn’t complain. ... Full story

The Silence of the Barbel

For much of the summer of 2013 the rivers had been fishing sporadically at best, and the River Severn was no exception; in an attempt to avoid low water levels, high temperatures and armadas of canoes we delayed our trip by about three weeks. ... Full story

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