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Great Tenching

Graham Elliott’s excellent article ‘Camping for Tench’ rekindled my south-easterner’s urge to get back onto a nice big pit with deep clear water and lots of luxuriant, bright-green weed! Such a water filled my eyes, my soul and my days for 17 years, a water many will know as Johnson’s Lakes in New Hythe, Kent. ... Full story

Martin Salter: On The Road Again.

It feels like my feet have barely touched the ground since returning from my Australian trip in April. Once I had ploughed through the inevitable backlog of emails and got my diary into some sort of order in was clear that I was going to be on the road a fair bit over the next couple of months. ... Full story

Graham Elliott: Camping for Tench

Well, the day was finally here. I had bid on a 48 hour session in deepest Kent to try and catch a monster tench. ... Full story

Eddie Benham: A Light Hearted Look at Bait Boats.

Let’s take a look at the years Before Bait Boats. Well, if we look back through the ages we will find that long, long ago, David slew Goliath with a slingshot, an instrument designed to propel a pebble or stone. ... Full story


I can barely believe it myself but I’m old enough to have witnessed the evolution of the electric bite alarm, though I came onto the scene shortly after the commercial production of Richard Walker’s famous ‘Heron’. As a kid, the very sight of this piece of fishing-wizardry – safely encased within a glass cabinet in my local tackle store – would have me near-salivating in anticipation of owning one when I got older and, hopefully, richer – they weren’t cheap for a lad dependent on pocket-money. ... Full story

Come Hell or High Water

Until I relocated I was unaware of the amazing extent to which spate-rivers so drastically change from season to season. In the space of just three years I have seen parts of Geoff Maynard’s stretch of the Wye at Llanthomas totally transformed by winter floods, deluges that conceal their dirty work for weeks on end until the water recedes and reveals the damage – a term I use here for convenience, for ‘damage’ may not be the appropriate word to describe drastic change. ... Full story

Identify the Venue

No prizes this time, just a bit of fun trying to pin-point where this shot was taken some 10 years ago. Naturally, a great many viewers won't have a clue, but the spot will be well-known to a great many anglers from all over the country. The precise location is required! ... Full story

Amazon Fishing: Catching Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro

The jungle pressed hard against the banks of the river. Viewed from a distance, it was a wall of undifferentiated green with no breaks in the foliage. Up close, I could make out individual trees. They all rose to a uniform height as if kept in check by a divine hedge clipper. You rarely saw a tree that managed to outgrow the others by more than a foot or two as they fought each other for sunlight. ... Full story

Fisheries Facts and the EU

It is probable that the majority of both FM readers and the general public are unable to endorse or detract from Martin's and Mr Benyon's thoughts on the EU's commercial fishing policy; they are shown here with confidence and in the very best of faith. Nonetheless, Fishing Magic would welcome similar contributions from those with an alternative view. ... Full story

Eddie Benham: The Bivvy

The young anglers of today, and perhaps even some older ones, will not remember the B.B. years (‘Before Bivvies’) that I and some of my friends can recall. ... Full story

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