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Wayne Plays it Safe...

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Wayne & Jason are in the kitchen...

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Review: The Columbia Blood 'n' Guts lll Tropical Sun-Shirt

                                       Margaret, Margaret!!! - Where’s me shirt? The blue one ... Full story

Wayne & Jason Bait-up

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Wayne & Jason Go Night Fishing

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FM fish-in Saturday July 23rd 2016

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Had I foregone my participation in the FM fish-in near Ross on Wye last Saturday I could now be reporting the day’s events along with a few nice fishy-fotos, but I just had to fish didn’t I? ... Full story

Elevated Carping

It was this morning, our first proper, sizzling summer morning that I took the horn by the balls and ventured into the Welsh hills to investigate a patch of Ordnance Survey blue. ... Full story

The Art of Angling

Or I should say “art in angling”? I thought the title might stifle a few yawns. If you have got this far you can yawn now, but you never know - you might find something interesting. ... Full story

Tarpon: a dream accomplished.

As a kid with the fishing bug I read an article about an angler in a far off place catching tarpon. I dared to dream and promised myself that one day I would catch one. It became a lifelong ambition that never left me. When I was much older, and having caught the Florida holiday bug, I thought I might just have a chance... ... Full story

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