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Beavers - Coming to a River Near You Soon?

Rod Sturdy has his say on the recent announcement that Natural England will issue a licence to Devon Wildlife Trust for the managed release of beavers into the wild on the River Otter in Devon. ... Full story

Fishing – Why?

Rod Sturdy is back and contemplating the reasons why we go fishing… ... Full story

Wanted: An Effective Water Policy

In his latest blog Martin Salter hands over the reins to FM regular, Rod Sturdy, who postulates how our rivers might be better managed. ... Full story

Predation and Angling

Rod Sturdy takes a look at just how the Angling Trust is fighting angling’s corner in the battle against fish predation. ... Full story

Canoe Access: Stating the Anglers’ Case

In his latest opinion piece Rod Sturdy puts the case for anglers’ rights on the issue of canoe access on Welsh rivers. ... Full story

Fish Legal – And Why I Think You Should Join It

In his latest opinion piece Rod Sturdy argues that more anglers should be helping to support the protection of the aquatic environment. ... Full story

A Few Points to Ponder...

Rod Sturdy is back with a few points to air and issues to raise following his last FishingMagic feature. ... Full story

A Million Voices for Angling

Rod Sturdy is back with another hard-hitting opinion piece in which he throws down the gauntlet to FishingMagic readers to respond to his conclusion that, as things stand, angling ‘has no future’. ... Full story

Get on Board...

Rod Sturdy urges everyone to ‘get on board’…and to 'do it now' if they care about the future of fishing as much as he does. ... Full story

Chalk Streams - It's Time for Action

The plight of the English chalk streams has been in the media a lot recently (and quite rightly so), now Rod Sturdy has a say in his own inimitable fashion. ... Full story

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