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Enterprise Tackle Coarse Selection Box


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The new selection boxes from Enterprise Tackle are a great way to explore some of the possibilities imitation baits offer. The new selection boxes from Enterprise Tackle are a great way to explore some of the possibilities imitation baits offer.

Welchy reviews the ‘Coarse’ Selection Box – one of three new clam shell boxes offered by Enterprise Tackle.








Artificial baits have been de rigueur for some time now and most anglers have a few examples in their tackle boxes, even if it is just a pack of corn, but there is so much more to explore in the artificial armoury and these new ‘selection boxes’ from Enterprise Tackle are a great way to explore some of the possibilities the baits offer.


The advantages of fishing artificial baits have been discussed many times and factors such as: neutralising the weight of the hook, popping up hook baits, presenting an offering resistant to small fish and beating crayfish make fake baits totally indispensible to the modern angler; indeed in many situations they are preferable to using the real thing.

From humble beginnings back in 1999 Enterprise Tackle produced the first artificial bait in the shape of their pop up sweetcorn and since that time the company has been at the forefront in the innovation of imitation baits and the range has expanded beyond all recognition. Check out the Enterprise website and you may well be surprised at the huge variety of artificials that are now available. We all have our favourites and for me it is the rubber ‘grubs’ and ‘shells’. Rubber maggots and casters are invaluable to anyone fishing for tench or barbel, so much so that anyone fishing just real maggots or casters for both species are at a considerable disadvantage. I also love the new pellet and corn skins which allow me to present paste baits in a novel way and the mini corn and redworms that are perfect for tipping any hook bait, be it a real or artificial one.

Of course one of the problems, as in so many aspects of modern life, is that there is too much choice when it comes to bait, indeed to all tackle, and Enterprise Tackle have made life a little easier in this respect by putting together three selection boxes that offer all of the most popular offerings in a neat, pocket-sized clam shell box.

The range comprises a ‘carp’ box, a ‘corn’ box and a ‘coarse’ box and they all offer enough samples to allow the angler to have a few of their favourites to hand but with a couple of offerings they may not have tried before to allow for a bit of experimentation.

I took a look at the coarse box and found it well made with solid locking clips – unlike some of the cheap clam shell boxes available - and there was a good selection of both buoyant and sinking offerings included.

Buoyant baits included: bread, maggots, casters, 8mm boilies, corn skins, 6 and 10mm pop up pellets, zig rig / surface baits, midi corn and mini corn.

Sinking baits included: corn, 6 and 10mm coarse pellets and redworms.

Ideal for all pleasure / commercial pool anglers the Coarse Selection Box is available from all good tackle shops at an RRP of £9.99 or from Enterprise Tackle HERE in case of difficulty.

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