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…because they will be out to get us! And there are a lot of them about, more than ever in fact. ... Full story

County Durham man who dumped mountain of waste illegally could face record bill

I confess here to exercising a little 'Editor's Privilege' in shining the spotlight on Tony Shepherd of Winston, Darlington, who thought it was acceptable to illegally scar the landscape with tons of illegally dumped trash. The case has no direct bearing on angling but plenty of similar cases do. Fishing Magic will always do its bit in shaming those scum-bags with zero respect for their environment and their fellow man. This from Chronicle Live... ... Full story

Environment Agency Awards Fisheries Contract to the Angling Trust

The Environment Agency is set to award a landmark fisheries contract to the Angling Trust. This announcement follows a rigorous competitive process and is part of the continued drive towards greater partnership working leading to thriving fisheries and angling throughout England. ... Full story


I’d have been around fourteen or fifteen years old at the time of one particular night session that saw me return home, on my bike, winding and bumping my way across the reclaimed land that separated the club lakes from the housing estate. ... Full story

More excellent news: Bristol man, Roberto Cuenca, done for fly-tipping.

'Man with a Van', Roberto Cuenca, of Coldharbour Road, Redland, Bristol has been nabbed and prosecuted for making his own personal contribution to the despoliation of our wonderful Planet Earth. ... Full story

Endangered eels get river by-passes at St Ives

Critically low levels of eels in the region are given a boost after special passes were installed on the Great Ouse near St Ives. ... Full story

Salmon spotted in Yorkshire river after 150 years

Salmon spotted in a Yorkshire river after nearly 150 years could signal the success of engineering work undertaken to restore the polluted river, according to the UK's Environmental Agency. ... Full story

Fish stocks boost for the River Rother

The Environment Agency has introduced 8,000 fish to the River Rother in Chesterfield to begin the restoration of the river’s population of grayling. ... Full story

FREE Family Fishing Day at Barnwell Country Park Sunday 28th June

Family Fishing at Barnwell Country Park, Peterborough, is a fantastic opportunity for new people to get hooked on angling, lapsed anglers to rediscover their love for the sport or for existing anglers to learn some new skills. ... Full story

Record fish, Monitoring invertebrates, How your rod licence money is spent and much more...

You are invited to attend the South East Freshwater Fisheries Forum, 15th July 2015 at the Jack & Jill Pub, Brighton Road, Clayton, West Sussex BN6 9PD. Meeting begins at 7.15pm. In association with the Environment Agency ... Full story

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