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Big Perch - The Biggest Fish of All


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You won't see too many perch bigger than this... You won't see too many perch bigger than this...

Dick Walker called perch the biggest fish of them all, and you won’t see many bigger than this!









At the beginning of the month Quantum Specialist team angler Fredrik Harbort and his fishing partner Sascha Cervenjak enjoyed a perch session that most anglers can only dream of.

In just three short afternoon sessions at a marina in northern Germany, the pair landed more big perch than they ever thought possible; the huge haul included numerous fish close to the magical 50cm mark, the best a massive winter fish measuring in at 49.9 centimetres long – and for UK anglers more used to weights than lengths we are talking fish of probably well over 5lb here!

After modest successes with various traditional soft lures, Fredrik, quickly followed by Sascha, switched to a 4 gram Quantum Joker lure, now available in all of the colour variations shown here, and  the final results suggest that this was exactly the right  pattern  for the lethargic winter fish, with a sensational haul of 42 perch over 40cm falling to their methods.

Fredrik commented:

"I love it when fishing is entertaining!

The only explanation I have for this extraordinary success in six to eight metres of water and the failure of traditional soft lures is that this area is generally intensively fished. The wary predators are as familiar with soft lures sinking down from above their heads as they are with the sound of a weight head hitting the bottom. This makes them difficult to tempt with traditional soft lures.

The Joker is so extraordinarily special in all respects that it has become the deadliest weapon when it comes to hunting perch."

Fredrik, who co-developed the bait, has landed hundreds of big perch with the Joker since the first test phase and advises that the most important aspect is creating the perfect action, with relatively high jumps followed by a freefall of the bait.

“This only works with very slack line, so it requires a little practice” he said.


The fishing action wich produces the best results with the lure are shown below:




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