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'All Beer & Boilies' and 'All Wind & Water' - Cliff Hatton.


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'Great entertainment for less than a tenner' 'Great entertainment for less than a tenner'

Each of these neat hardbacks was created in the Thelwell tradition of cartoon and narrative. Modern carp-fishing, and pike-fishing in the grandeur of East Anglia's magnificent potato and sugar-beet country are illustrated and examined.


All Beer & Boilies

 The story of modern carp fishing is a tale of anticipation, excitement, passion, success, failure and enormously big tackle . . . For many anglers, chasing big carp is a sign of utter madness. Whether you have had a mild dose of carp fever or are suffering from a lifelong obsession with particle baits, one thing is for sure, this book may help you keep your sanity. A good old-fashioned black-on-white cartoon book that compares with Thelwell.

'Great entertainment for less than a tenner' - fishingmagic.com

'Mischievous and comic observations about modern angling' - Chris Yates about 'All Beer & Boilies'

Colour version of 'coochi-coochi-coo'


'...unable to keep his mind on anything else'


All Wind & Water

A hilarious black-on-white, pictorial guide to pike fishing in the Fens. A title from the stable of All Beer & Boilies. Possibly not for the serious pike angler . . .

'This sensibly priced little hardback comprises 80 black ink mini-works of art with a running commentary tackling some of pike-angling’s most crucial questions: How do you identify a fenland ‘hot-spot’? Who was the young man with the binoculars and note-pad? Did the Fen Tigers really have webbed feet and do they live on in Norfolk today? Set against the back-drop of East Anglia’s unequalled splendour, ‘All Wind and Water’ is clearly the product of a man who truly understands tedium; a man with a mission to share his hard-won knowledge of drainage ditches and sugar-beet, but, above all, a man with a passion for Fenland’s notoriously ferocious, line-stripping fighters! At a mere £7.95 this definitive work is destined to join the canon of angling’s great literature and will make the perfect gift for the dangerously hyper-active: THIS will cure them!' - Fishing Magic.com

Colour version of 'Taking-up the slack'

'...far from the madding crowd'


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