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Acclaimed Angling Book Set for Unique Fish Leather Edition.

Dominic Garnett’s collection of fishing tales, 'Crooked Lines', is set for a truly eye-opening collector’s edition this winter, in a special collaboration with Devon artist Kari Furre. ... Full story


As most of you will already be aware, the Angling Trust and its conservationist partners are currently running a campaign to save the bass (sea bass), stocks of which have dwindled to crisis levels as a result of commercial overfishing and the use of gill nets. ... Full story

Bass Battles

Things are certainly hotting up in the battle to protect declining bass populations from continued exploitation by the netsmen. With scientists at the widely respected International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) warning that bass stocks in northern Europe are now in deep trouble because of commercial overfishing the EU Commission have for once listened to anglers and conservationists and proposed that in 2017 there should be a complete ban on netting for bass. ... Full story

Martin Salter: Autumn Gold

I love this time of year. The colours changing with the season, the nip in the air and the fish on the munch before the really cold weather moves in and food becomes scarce. It’s surprising therefore, with so much good fishing to be had, that the tackle shops are emptying out and fewer anglers are on the banks. So for those of you who have packed your rods away far too early here’s a little taste of what you’ve been missing.. ... Full story

'All Beer & Boilies' and 'All Wind & Water' - Cliff Hatton.

Each of these neat hardbacks was created in the Thelwell tradition of cartoon and narrative. Modern carp-fishing, and pike-fishing in the grandeur of East Anglia's magnificent potato and sugar-beet country are illustrated and examined. ... Full story

Rod Sturdy: Ever Closer Union.

This article received a small number of complaints on the grounds that it was 'too political' and consequently taken down. Having re-studied Rod's well-written, heart-felt article, FM feels that its content is overwhelmingly fishing and fish-orientated rather than politically based. Angling needs more Rod Sturdy's; people who care enough about fishing and marine matters to sit down for an hour or two and air their thoughts for the benefit of us all. Talk of the EU, quotas, directives et al is, indeed, unappealing to those who - quite understandably - wish to read of bending rods and screaming reels. Thank heaven, then, we have individuals concerned enough to look at the drier aspect of our sport. Remember: FishingMagic welcomes articles and stories - humorous, instructive, philosophical, entertaining - from its much-valued readership. We have an enormous wealth of experiences to share so DO write in with yours. ... Full story

The Last Word on Martin Gay's 50lb Common Carp.

I know where Martin Gay caught his incredible haul of huge commons including the famous 50lber. No, I have no intention of revealing the whereabouts because such revelation was expressly what Martin, who died suddenly and prematurely 14 years ago, did not want. ... Full story

Rod Sturdy: Ever Closer Union...

Given the importance of the UK's relationship with the rest of Europe be it within or without the EU I have, after much deliberation, decided that Rod Sturdy's very thoughtful take on the present Brexit situation is sufficiently well-balanced and non-partisan to be published here. I hope viewers agree with this. ... Full story

In Search of Rarities: Dave Tipping

Standing on a slipway at Scarborough Harbour, I watched an orange-topped bob float ride the oil-slicked water, waiting for it to stab under as another billet (young coalfish) attacked the bait. I was engrossed, and blissfully unconcerned by the overwhelming stench of the fish quay and the hustle and bustle of the nearby amusement arcades, candyfloss and shellfish stalls. ... Full story

4lb 10oz Perch from Great Ouse.

It may be a while ago now but the capture of a 4lb 10oz perch is worth reading about at any time. Here's Gary's account of the day he clonked a whacker... ... Full story

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