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DEFRA's Reply to Rod Sturdy's Open Letter

Last month, we published Rod Sturdy's open letter to Elizabeth Truss MP which posed a number of questions. Perhaps inevitably, Rod's four main concerns were not addressed directly but, as you will see, there is cause for optimism... ... Full story

Make the most of it!

Even as a fervent athiest I fleetingly pondered the possibility of holy intervention the day I discovered the most beautiful, un-fished stretch of the Gt. Ouse a few years back. ... Full story

Angling Trust Fisheries Forum Survey - East of England Region

Here's an opportunity to have your ideas and questions on the future of angling directly addressed; it's also a great way of meeting the people behind those quotes we read so often. Canoeing, abstraction and pollution so often form the canon of questioning at such occasions but how about the rampant commercialization of formerly wild waters...the new bass-fishing ban...the allocation of the EA's £20,000,000 annual budget - and anything else that needs questioning? ... Full story

Fishing Magic Prize Writing Competition

We anglers are blessed. So diverse is our way of life we have a near limitless store of interesting experiences to relate; no other sport has so much literary excellence to offer. ... Full story

Anglers Mail Jan.26th 2016

THE angler who broke the British carp record with a 68 lb 1 oz giant tells his angling life story - and explains his main tactics - inside this week's essential Angler's Mail magazine. ... Full story

Fisheries Minister under fire for false claims over bass landings

Fisheries Minister George Eustice, who has been strongly criticised by UK angling organisations for caving in to pressure from commercial fishing interests and supporting exemptions to the European Union bass fishing moratorium for the highly damaging bass gill net fishery, is now under fire for making false claims for the impacts on threatened stocks as a result of the decisions he supported last month at the European Union. ... Full story

The Eddie Benham Leader Knot

Eddie Benham has been a tench fisherman since time began but it wasn't until his discovery of a particularly good tench lake in the late noughties that the real monsters started coming to his net. With such prizes at stake, he couldn't afford to fish with anything less than the most reliable rigs and so he got to thinking... ... Full story

Tackle-up for Spring Salmon with Sportfish

  For many of us it is the most exciting period in the salmon angling calendar as the rivers begin to open up again ... Full story

Rod licence reform on the cards: Proposals include 3-rod option and free fishing for juniors

The Angling Trust's discussions with the Environment Agency on the vexed issues of the coarse angling rod licence for the use of multiple rods and charging juniors to fish look likely to produce a result that will please both youngsters and the many carp and specimen anglers who feel aggrieved at having to buy two separate rod licences. ... Full story

Fishing blast kills two in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

...and you think we've got problems? Two Cambodian men have died violently in what is the third fatal accident related to illegal dynamite fishing this month. ... Full story

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