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Alligator Gar Goes For The Record

Hart was fishing Texas’ famed Trinity River with local guide Bubba Bedre on May 6th when he bested the 37.73 kg (83 lb 3 oz) alligator gar on fly tackle, after a tough 30 minute fight. ... Full story

Trout, Zander, Chub, Bream, Carp, Barbel, Perch...what a river the Thames is!

As regular readers of this column may recall I only work part time as National Campaigns Coordinator for the Angling Trust and, when I’m not fishing, I do a bit of freelance work on other projects to pay the bills and keep me out of trouble. ... Full story

Rivers Flowing Into the Great Lakes Are Teeming with Microplastic Pollution

The minute plastics are in the food chain, and they’re increasingly shown to harm the health of marine animals. ... Full story

Koi herpes virus disease outbreak confirmed in West Midlands

Koi herpesvirus (KHV) disease has been confirmed in carp (Cyprinus carpio) at Packington Somers Fishery, West Midlands ... Full story

Big Fish Bragging Rights - Geoff Maynard.

I recently received one of those Facebook ‘challenges’ – as no doubt many of you did - to post 10 photos of memorable fish over several days. ... Full story

Antique Fishing Rods, Reels and other Beautiful Bits.

My knowledge of fishing rod materials goes back as far as Spanish reed and greenheart; before that, I’ve no idea what rods were made from. Presumably, most woods could be fashioned to form a fishing rod of sorts but I believe the first commercially-made rods were of greenheart, a material indistinguishable by sight from glass or carbon-fibre of the same colour. Again, my knowledge here is scant, so whether or not greenheart rod-sections were so perfectly smooth and round through their natural properties or through craftsmanship, I don’t know – a combination of both perhaps. ... Full story

Fisheries still under threat...fight for your gravel pits.

I cannot help thinking we are sitting on a time-bomb. The Reading & Berkshire News has recently informed us of that county’s 200 unused landfill sites. Such areas have to be left to settle for a good number of years before housing or industrial projects can go ahead but some sites remain untouched for 40 years or more. ... Full story

Fish cannot feel pain say scientists

This article from the Daily Telegraph, 2013, bears repetition. The Great (old) Debate 'Do Fish Feel Pain?' is, thankfully, on the public's back-boiler - and has been for some time. But the issue will return at some point and the info shown here should put readers in a more advantageous position. ... Full story

September 2016 Caption Competition sponsored by Laguna Fishing Products.

So what do you make of this? The bloke standing-up could be saying absolutely anything...any suggestions? Or maybe the seated guy has something to say... ... Full story

England's best-loved wildlife still in serious decline, report shows

Government countryside assessment paints a ‘grim picture’ with key species such as hedgehogs, dormice, birds and butterflies all continuing to decrease in number. ... Full story

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