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Monster Squid – Now Available in Purple


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The awesome Monster Squid is now available in a new colour variant - purple! The awesome Monster Squid is now available in a new colour variant - purple!

One of the most successful carp baits of all time has just had a colour change!










The team at Nashbaits take a look at a new variant of the awesome Monster Squid:

Monster Squid is one of the most long-standing baits out there and it has caught vast numbers of carp from all over the world. Utilising the legendary squid extract, one of the best fish attractants known to man, Monster Squid is a mega all-season carp catcher and we recommend you keep feeding it all year round as the results just seem to get better and better.

So what makes it so good?

In terms of flavour and attraction there is a subtle top note of banana, with added Scopex No.1, and on top of that there is a nice, rounded sweetener combination with savoury after tastes -  everything a carp enjoys eating all rolled into one! The clever flavour combination is another reason why this particular bait goes on and on catching fish and why it is truly a big fish bait in its own right.

After the success of the original Monster Squid we launched Monster Squid Black – this version also proved to be a massive hit, in particular on the tricky waters, because it is unobtrusive and difficult for the carp to spot, especially so when fished over silt. It knocks out the carp’s sense of sight – it can’t see it so it’s not frightened of it. It’s also a great bait to use if you are being bothered by birds, which also have trouble spotting it.

The colour purple...Now there is a new Monster Squid – Monster Squid Purple.

Purple-dyed baits were first used in the 1980's, and at that time proved to be devastating but somehow the unique effectiveness of the colour purple was forgotten, until now! During field testing this new purple wonder-bait has even shocked us with its devastating effects. Quite simply, it has ripped waters apart and everything loves it. Indeed Kevin Nash, referring to a water he was fishing, said: “Even the roach are going purple!” If you want a proven bait formula that has been tweaked to make it stand out from the crowd, then the new Monster Squid Purple is the one for you.

All of the Monster Squid range are available as freezer baits, and the original Monster Squid and Monster Squid Black are also available as shelf life baits in sizes 10, 15 and 20mm, with matching air ball pop ups. If you want to ‘rev’ the baits up  a bit there are also food dips, concentrated boilie dips, and an awesome arouser liquid available.


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