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No Fishing – Close Season Poster Campaign


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No Fishing – Close Season Poster Campaign

The Angling Trust have launched new multi-lingual poster to support the campaign against illegal close season fishing.









The Angling Trust is playing its part in the campaign against illegal close season fishing with a new publicity blitz aimed at making sure that all anglers are aware of the rules.

To help combat this growing problem and support its member clubs and fisheries the Angling Trust has produced a simple but effective new poster that spells out the rules in five different languages. Clubs just need to download the poster,  print and laminate it, then post them in prominent positions on their rivers, lakes and canals which are shut during the close season.

Martin Salter, National Campaigns Coordinator for the Angling Trust said:

"Fishing for coarse fish between March 15 and June 15 (inclusive) on rivers and some stillwaters and canals is illegal. Yet many people still don't seem to be getting the message, as fishing during the close season is one of the most common illegal angling activities in England. There can't be an angler in the country who hasn't seen someone ignoring the rules on one of their local waters. Not only is it illegal, it's also really annoying!

Ignorance of the rules is a poor excuse, but it is the one most frequently used when an approach is made to an angler caught in the act. Hopefully these new posters will help deter the usual culprits and at worst they will at least mean that rule breakers have no excuse when they get caught!"

The full-size poster is appended to this news feature (above and to the right in the 'attachment' section) as a print ready PDF, ready for use.

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