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Monster New Zealand Brown Trout Landed


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The biggest brown trout ever caught in New Zealand has been hooked in the central South Island.


As reported by 3 News New Zealand:

The biggest brown trout ever caught from New Zealand has been landed - but could it smash the world record weight for the species of 20kg?


The giant trout was caught in the milky waters of the Ohau B Hydro Canal in the McKenzie Country where Otwin Kandolf was fishing near a salmon farm where trout feed on the pellets beneath the nets: "I couldn't believe it," he said, "It looked like a submarine to me!"


He took some photos soon after capture but it was too big to weigh so taxidermist Bob King brought it to a butcher's shop with some heavy scales where it was weighed in at 19.1 kg or 42lb 1oz -  3lb short of the world record but the biggest ever caught in New Zealand.


After one last photo for the record books the old trout is now destined to be mounted and hung on a wall.


Check out the full story and video HERE

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mick b on 11/04/2013 17:24:34
I've actually stopped and looked at the very place this fish was caught from. Long and straight concrete canal that carries the melt water off the Southern Alps with Salmon farms every so often along its length, totally desolate place and nothing but bunnies for company. My cousin is a DOC Ranger and took me trouting to a big lake up in the mountains and we drove right down the road that runs beside this canal. This was in '97 and he told me that some English guys had been catching some huge brownies from beneath the salmon pounds (nets) even then. NZ, especially the South Island is truly 'Gods own Country'. The locals have really got their priorities right, the last day of the Duck shooting season ending at 19.00, and the Salmon season starting at 07.00 the following day, with the times reversed at the end of the Salmon season. PLUS no women allowed in their bars :D For those who like a bit of rabbit shooting the Easter Bunny Bash knocked off 22,000 when I was there, and DOC Rangers were keeping the Canada goose population in check by aerial shooting.......from a helicopter, shooting downwards!!! To control the Possums they air drop poison baited carrots...........by the square mile!! Don't yah jus luv it............... .

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