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Iconic London Fishing Store Opens in St Petersburg


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Russia welcomes Farlows to St Petersburg Russia welcomes Farlows to St Petersburg

Top London-based fishing and outdoor pursuits retailer Farlows have announced that agreement has been reached with Vladimir Rybalchenko of Kharlovka Co. and the Atlantic Salmon Reserve for the use of the Farlows name on his new fishing tackle store in St Petersburg in Russia.



This story was first published on our sister site Fish&Fly



The store named 'Farlows on Palace Square' opened on 04 June and is located in one of the prime areas in St Petersburg inside the golden triangle, a very similar prestigious location within the city to the London store’s 9 Pall Mall address.



At the present time the store will be operated completely independently of Farlows using local distributors and its own management. The store will not be able to display the Royal Warrant other than as a reference to the store being in close association with Farlows and with their full support.



Farlows Director Richard Hewitt stated:

“We are delighted that Mr Rybalchenko has recognised what a powerful brand Farlows is within the game fishing fraternity. Together with his incredible salmon fishing resource at www.kharlovka.com this can only strengthen our brands and be very positive for the industry. This is seen as a very exciting development and a new era for Farlows Group Ltd and could lead to similar licensing arrangements in other global locations.”


Vladimir Rybalchenko added:

“The opening of this prestigious store in the heart of St Petersburg is part of our continuing strategy of providing the very best service to our game fishing clients. To be able to follow in the footsteps of Charles Farlow who founded the brand in 1840 is indeed an honour and will add greatly to the status of our new store”.


Owner Vladimir Rybalchenko hit the headlines last summer following his purchase of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve in Russia from Peter Power as we reported here on FishandFly.com



Vladimir Rybalchenko proudly displays the quality of Atlantic Salmon available from the Atlantic Salmon Reserve

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Comments (4 posted):

Paul Boote on 03/07/2013 09:26:14
It used to be eggs - BBC iPlayer - The World's Most Beautiful Eggs: The Genius of Carl Faberge - now it's salmon and salmon fly tackle. Nice programme the one above, featuring St Petersburg.
Fred Bonney on 03/07/2013 15:03:53
I shall be checking it out in October!
MarkTheSpark on 03/07/2013 22:20:52
Last time I heard, St Petersburg was the Russian mafia capital of the world, and traders found it had to avoid the protection racketeering there.
Paul Boote on 03/07/2013 22:24:35
I was obliquely alluding to the "New Tsars" in my post earlier, Mark. Get rid of one lot, only to get another. Follow the mega-money... Made some serious and enduring international sporting agent enemies twenty-odd years ago when some of them said "Come with us to the Kola**, Paul..." and I said "Awfully nice of you ... but 'No thanks' ... 'Other projects' [for real] on my plate at present..." ** Not to some already existing fishing-camp(s) but for me to scout the Kola in 1989 /90, virtually all rivers (which were then "up for grabs" - just make the new Russian authorities a substantial and compelling offer) with a helicopter, pilot, cook and some tents for a whole summer, then report back. When another "lot" heard about this - what I might be doing for one of their landgrabbing competitors ... well ... it really hit the rotor blades... Angler first, always, I passed. Leave the money to the Bankers, The City, The Sopranos and the like.

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