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Salmon & Trout Association Welcomes Compulsory Water Metering.


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Salmon & Trout Association Welcomes Compulsory Water Metering.

Compulsory metering is seen as a necessary first step to conserve a precious and irreplaceable resource.










The government order, recently announced, requiring water companies servicing one-third of the UK to consider installing water meters in each household and to charge consumers for all the water they use has been broadly welcomed by the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA). It warns, however, that this is just a first step, and that water metering on its own will not solve the acute problems of water shortages that this country will face due to climate change.

The nine water companies targeted service the south and south-east – areas of dense population which have also suffered from extended periods of lower-than-average rainfall for some considerable time.  More than a quarter of rivers, lakes and reservoirs are short of water and will remain so, according to the Environment Agency, leading to serious droughts.

Paul Knight, S&TA CEO, said:

“We have been campaigning for a number of years on environmental grounds for compulsory water metering and whilst the Minister's announcement is very welcome we feel metering should be adopted nationally.  Of course, the last thing we want is to put more pressure on very squeezed household budgets, but it has to be acknowledged that water is a precious resource, not an endless and free commodity – or we will simply run out of it.”

He added:

“It should also be recognised that metering is only part of the solution – a tool in a toolbox that must include increased water storage capacity, demand management and catchment schemes that work with natural processes to slow water down, in order to meet demand as well as protect our native aquatic ecosystems.”

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Paul Boote on 13/08/2013 09:47:14
A Yes to this, in theory, from me; a possible No (certainly some reservations) to it in workable practice. The more responsible members of the British population will cut down on their water consumption when faced with metering, a great many more people will not - they will merely carry on using water as per splash-it-about usual, with some, not a few, of them complaining bitterly / refusing to pay when the bills come in (there is a huge amount of non-payment already; just see it rise, just see disconnections and resulting social hardship). Just see the water companies demand higher tariffs then, too. Vicious circle. More carrot, less stick: better education required (and not merely about water). So, fine for the middle classes, right-on sorts, the ever responsible and concerned Spotty Fishers, but do be aware that it will not be long before the age-old British eff-you 'Turn on all taps' mindset kicks in.
dorsetandchub on 13/08/2013 10:12:49
Totally agree with the above but would add one small proviso When was the last time anyone took the words "hosepipe ban" seriously? Probably down to living on an island, but the British do seem to believe that water is limitless (though, to be fair, last year there were times when the "from above" variety did appear to be). All best. :)

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