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Match Fishing – Division One National 2013


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Shakespeare Superteam stuck to a tight team plan to win the 2013 Division One National Shakespeare Superteam stuck to a tight team plan to win the 2013 Division One National

Report and results from the 2013 Division One National fished on the Trent and Mersey Canal.








Source: Angling Trust

This year’s Division One National Championship saw fifty six teams, comprising 560 anglers compete in a very close contest on the Trent and Mersey Canal between Rugeley and Burton.

It was a typical autumn day with sunshine and some showers however the temperature had dropped during the run up to the match and a cold start to the day resulted in the better fish not feeding well. This turned the contest into a battle for bites from the smaller fish such as roach,  perch and ruffe.

Crack canal outfit, Maver Image were runners up.Top team were Shakespeare Superteam with 442 points, a fantastic average of 44 points per angler. They fished to a very tight team plan that involved putting five or six balls of groundbait down the far shelf then fishing chopped worm down the near side for perch and ruffe while the groundbait settled.

When bites on the inside dried up they fished squatts over the groundbait hoping for small roach, perch and skimmers. Later they moved to the shallow line on the far side with chopped worm  bait. They finished the match rotating these three lines to catch the extra few grams, which worked well on a hard fished water.

Ever-consistent Daiwa Dorking were thirdIn second place were a team with a first class record on canals - Maver Image. Maver scored 429 points and again squatt and chopped worm tactics were the basis of their team plan. Third place went to Team Daiwa Dorking, always in contention for any national title, with their extremely talented team scoring 416 points.


Team Results

1) Shakespeare Superteam 442 points

2) Maver Image 429 points

3) Team Daiwa Dorking 416 points

The individual result was one of the closest in the contest’s history as just 10 grams separated the first three anglers, and it was these three anglers fishing to a strict team plan who were successful.

Individual Champion Simon FieldsIn first place was Simon Fields (Barnsley & District) on peg C56 with a weight of 4kg 10 g. Simon caught a mixture of small fish, mainly ruffe, perch and roach, fishing chopped worm close in and squatt over groundbait on the far line.

In second place on 4kg there was a tie between Matt Derry (Kamasan Starlets) on peg B13 and Jason Cunningham (Shakespeare Superteam) on peg C15. Both anglers used similar tactics to the winner but missed out on the title by just 10g.

 Individual Results

1) Peg C56 Simon Fields Barnsley and District 4.010 kg

2) Peg B13 Matt Derry Kamasan Starlets 4.000kg

3) Peg C15 Jason Cunningham Shakespeare Superteam 4.000kg

Next year’s Angling Trust Division 1 National Championship will  take place on the River Trent on Saturday 09 August.


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