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My 100lb Carp! – Geoff Maynard on Fishing for Carp in Bankok

Geoff Maynard is back in Bangkok - and this time it's getting serious! ... Full story

A Spanish Carping Experience!

Rob Ritchbell recounts his first carping trip to Spain. It was not quite what he was expecting! ... Full story

The fish that bites back!

In Southern California there is a group of anglers that frequently goes looking for trouble. They find it with the Mako Shark. ... Full story

Claudette Lake

Still in search of new French carp venues, Scott and Samantha find another piece of perfect peace. ... Full story

Hex Hatch

The art of fly fishing tries to imitate the life cycle of a particular insect: insects like the graceful sail-like mayfly; the fluttering moth-like caddis; the epic stonefly; and the mysterious hexagenia (hex) night hatch. ... Full story

Lord's Lake

Scott Ratcliffe and Mick Fisher enjoy a visit to a brand new French lake for some tremendous sport with the freshly introduced carp. ... Full story

Cobia rumble

Geoff Maynard returns to Florida for a brawl with some natives... ... Full story

Ebro Zander

Geoff Maynard returns to Spain in search of a different and much more elusive Ebro monster. ... Full story

Zen and the art of permit fishing

Catching the impossible permit on a flyrod you have built yourself must be an amazing buzz. John Miao escapes the winter snows to make a dream come true ... Full story

International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 3

The Final Countdown! We are now on Friday, 3rd day of fishing, last day of fishing and another match to play for today. ... Full story

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