In May 2006, six years after the birth of FM, I wrote in this editorial, “Membership topped 25 thousand over the weekend and at the rate we’re adding members right now it won’t take us another six years to double that.”

We’ve doubled the membership in just over two years. Little did I think that it would come round so quickly.

I was going to point out all the things you can enjoy when you visit FM, and the extras you get when you become a member – all for free of course! The gallery, user reviews, features, editorial reviews and of course, the ever-popular forum.

And here are some more details about why it’s a good idea to join.

Then I thought, what’s the point, you must already know how good it is or we’d never have got to 50,000 members!

So let’s make this a thank you to all the members who have stayed faithful for years and a hearty welcome to all the new members who are joining us every single day.

Blimey, I started writing this yesterday and we’re up to 50,150 members already!