Crazy maybe, I know, but just a few days after the river season ended Dave and I were walking the banks of the Dove taking a look at the river.

What happened you see, was that we received our membership cards for two or three stretches we had never seen before and we just couldn’t wait to go and have a look at them. It was also a good excuse to get out of the house.

One of the first swims we found was this beautiful glide along the far bank, complete with crease and slack at the side. It was just crying out for a float to be sent down it, carrying a line with a hook and a couple of casters on it.

Then we came across a text book rubbish raft that just has to have chub lurking under it. I can see me now, flicking a light leger out that carries a chunk of crust on a big hook and allowing the current to trundle it deep under the raft. The tip quivers……….the rod lurches over…………I strike………..the fish is on…………..the rod is bent almost double…………a huge brassy flank slides over the net…………Dream on!

Roll on 16th June. But in the meantime there are some bream, tench and catfish, to name just three species, that will have to watch out.