A recent survey concluded that there are approximatelya quarter of a million angling-related websites on theWorld Wide Web.

For the angler based in the United Kingdom andIreland, the sheer volume of web pages can be anovelty at first, but can soon cause problems infinding good sites that cater for the specific needsof the UK angler.

But now a new search directory has been launched thataims to take the world out of the web, and provide UKand Irish anglers with a search directory of sitesbased on or about fishing in the British Isles.

The new site is called Angler Vista, named after thefamous search engine Alta Vista. The webmasters havealready started to crawl through and compile thebiggest directory of UK and Irish based sites on theInternet. The new site can be found and searched at www.anglervista.co.uk.

Webmasters of UK or Irish sites, whether they areaimed at carp, coarse, game or sea fishing, can alsoinput details of their own sites and unlike moregeneral search engines, their sites will be addedimmediately without the many months of waiting to beindexed by more general search engines.