The Rigs Page is here to illustrate all those rigs that will be useful to both beginners and experienced anglers.

The rigs can be extremely simple and well known, or very complicated and little known, it doesn’t matter providing they make some kind of sense and have a really practical application.

It could be a standard running leger rig that a beginner will appreciate seeing in pictures, or a very complicated anti-eject carp rig that the experienced carp angler would like to see.


As you can see this rig incorporates a sliding run-ring whichallows for a change of weight size and above the bead I place floatstops to create a bolt effect.

This rig allows me have an instant bolt rig, or by moving thestops further up it allows some free movement first.

Hooklength is Kryston Snakeskin with both ends peeled back toallow a more natural movement.

I use this rig for most of my short to medium range work.