Burglars broke into Popeye’s bar on the Costa Blanca and slowly and stealthily crept around looking for something to drop into their swag-bag.

Billy in full voice

Then, suddenly, a weird voice broke into the silence as Billy Bass swung his head round, waggled his tail, and gave forth with a resounding rendition of Al Green’s hit song ‘Take Me To The River’. The burglars fled with no spoils.

The world has gone for Big Mouth Billy Bass, the electronic singing fish in a big way. The Queen has one and sings duets with it, and now it is revealed that Prime Minister Tony Blair has one on the walls of 10 Downing Street.

East-ender Derek Britten of Leyton, who runs the bar, said “The Queen should get rid of her guards and have a load of Billies instead.”


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