In this fishing for beginners book by David Overland, a camo-clad and somewhat nubile young lady known as Emma brings fishing into the 21st century and shows that fishing is for girls just as much as guys. Taking a leaf out of the Mr Crabtree stylebook, this makes learning fun.


They Say

Fishing with Emma is for all who enjoy or would like to take up coarse fishing. It will also appeal to those who fish for certain species but want to branch out to try some new ones. Emma knows her stuff and she’s prepared to share her knowledge in a clear, no-nonsense way.

  • Completely up-to-date with 21st century techniques at affordable prices
  • Includes waggler, stick and controller float fishing, ledgering techniques, feeders, spinning, dead baiting, groundbaiting, responsible fish-handling, and much more
  • An inspirational and enjoyable cartoon strip which will have you rushing for your local river, gravel pit, commercial fishery or canal bank to get fishing.


And for any members of the angling fraternity who might ask: why are we fishing with Emma and not a man? the simple answer is, ‘Why shouldn’t a woman be an all-round expert at coarse fishing?’ She hasn’t got a problem with that…


Published by Merlin Unwin – see their book page here

ISBN: 9781906122508

RRP: £9.99


Ellen Says

Fishing with Emma cover

Our young guest reviewer Ellen liked this book because:

  1. Most fishing books are for boys and she as a girl feels a bit left out.
  2. She likes the cartoon style story as too much text can be a bit boring.
  3. She likes how they show you how to make knots.

Overall, she would recommend it to friends who are interested in fishing.


(It would make a very good birthday present for any aspiring young angler – FishActive Editor, Paul Sharman)


Available from Amazon for £7.99 – just click HERE


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