Week ending 16th September 2000

As the evenings draw in trout are feeding heavily to put on their winter weight. The latter spell of warm weather has maintained good hatches and there is an abundance of fry for the trout to eat. This has resulted in excellent sport with well conditioned trout being taken on a variety of methods. Boat anglers continue to find plenty of moving fish from the Dam Basin to Villice Bay and are enjoying catching on dries and emergers throughout the day. During sunny spells the fish are dropping lower in the water, taking nymphs and fry imitations. Bank fishing is hard during the day, but early mornings and evenings see fish being taken at Walley, Woodford, North Shore and Wick Green.

Shore fishermen at Blagdon are having the best sport with the trout feeding close in around most of the shores. Snails and corixa have encouraged the fish to feed well within reach of most fishermen and small nymphs fished very slowly have produced good catches. Boats following the fish inshore have had some success – others have fished the deeper waters with larger patterns and caught well. Blagdon Fly Fishers held an enjoyable competition this Sunday with small orange lures taking many of the fish from Top End.

At the Barrows No 2 reservoir continues to provide the best sport . Small nymphs and lures are working well.

Advice on Tactics
Floating line with dry fly such as Carrot Flies, Bobs Bits, Hoppers. Floating lines with a team of nymphs such as Diawl Bachs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs.. Sinking lines pulling with lures such as Muddlers, Zonkers.

With the weed dying back more fry will appear close inshore providing a larder of food and very exciting fishing. Continuing warm weather will mean plenty of insect activity and success with smaller patterns. As always at this time of year be aware that much larger than average fish will be hooked. There is always a good chance of a double figure brown trout taking your fry imitation!

Trout Caught
Chew: 863
Blagdon: 345
Barrows: 87

Best Boat Areas
Chew: Dam Basin and Villice Bay
Blagdon: Plosh Water to Rainbow Point

Best Bank Areas
Chew: Woodford, Walley Bank, North Shore and Wick
Blagdon: Butcombe Shore and Cheddar WaterBarrows: No. 2.

The winners of the September return card draw winning a free mid-week boat are;K.Hemmings, 14 Harcombe Road, Winterbourne, Bristol
Gordon Curry, 12 Rossiters Lane, St George, Bristol, BS5 8TW.

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