Chilly’s not got any special treatment – the venue’s Fox Lake is fully booked and nobody has been pre-baiting for him. In other words he’s in the same boat, literally as it’s to turn out, as all the other anglers there.

The Fox Lake fish average mid thirties though, and with a lake record over well over 70lb you can almost taste the anticipation as the rods go out for the first time on this four-day adventure.

Chilly’s been given some detailed ‘inside information’ on how to catch at Abbey from some of his carp fishing mates in England, and he’s fully prepared.

Unfortunately it’s all completely wrong (!), and our valiant hero has to sell his carp fishing soul and borrow a bait boat, because the fish are over 160 yards out! And regular viewers who know about how well Chilly and technology get on can guess what happens next.

Learn how to deal with waters that have a high head of crayfish and how Chilly tweaks his favourite rigs when the crays are out and about. It doesn’t take long for Chilly to bag his first Abbey Lakes’ fish, but then both the temperature and the fishing takes a turn for the worse and our expert has to use all his experience to turn the trip into a successful one.

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