Franck Couturier is the latest carp angler to join the impressive line up of anglers now associated with the brand and Taska have released his profile, as supplied by Franck himself, to introduce him to anglers this side of La Manche!

(Anyone who lists ‘bad wine’ as their main dislike gets a big thumbs up from me – Editor)

Your name:
Franck Couturier

Date Of Birth:

Chief of Culture in a prestigious Wine Field in Burgundy

Chagny, France

Personal Best:

Favourite Venue:

Describe yourself:
It was when I was 8 years old that my grandparents first took me fishing with a small selection of lures and a small fibre glass rod.  From this moment, my passion for fishing grew into what it is today.  When I reached the age of 17 I devoted my fishing time to catching Carp.  Nowadays I fish all types of water including; rivers, gravel pits, reservoirs and mountain lakes.  I like to keep my rigs simple yet very strong, the main reason for this is that I am very meticulous about the quality of my rig components, ensuring that I use only the best!

Favourite Rig:
Combi Link Rig

Favourite Bait:
Birdfood and Fishmeal Boilies with Fruit Flavours

Photography and Nature

Bad Wine

Mauvais vin? Non!