This Week’s User Review Competition Winners!

Find out who walks away with a bunch of Sonu Baits for the best user reviews submitted last week. It could be you!

Fishing with Emma – Stalking a Chub Part Five

Having spooked her intended quaqrry Emma now has a dilemma: does she stay or does she move?

Charities Want Your Old Phones For Christmas

If Santa brings you a new mobile phone for Christmas, don't forget you can put your old one to good use - you can recycle it for charity.

British Trust for Ornithology

Rod Sturdy suggests that if anglers who coincidentally love bird life are looking to join an appropriate organisation, they might like to consider the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

Pilgrim’s Progress – Debut on the Dove

A new series in which we follow in the fishing footsteps of the Reverend Stewart Bloor.

Fishers On The Green Roads

The second instalment of 'MAC', a chapter from Barrie Rickards' novel 'Fishers On The Green Roads'.

Wintle’s World of Angling

Mark Wintle discusses the effects of over-fishing and the use of keepnets

The Alternative Angler – Bar-bull

Kevin Perkins, cheeky as ever, resurrects the stillwater barbel debate and, as you would expect, offers the alternative view......

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp – Part Five

Emma started off by using simple, straightforward feeder tactics to get a picture of the lake and the fish it holds; how did she get on?


Richard Cleaver has long admired Kipling's famous poem and, with apologies to Rudyard, he has adapted it for anglers...
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