The Fens – Part Seven

Chris Bishop goes fishing with Mark Phillips, a fen's predator specialist who shows big pike and the 'Big C' who's boss

Wintle’s World of Angling – Eating My Hat

Mark Wintle decides he does like centrepin reels after all, and has to eat his hat

Wintle’s World of Angling – Roach Book Review

Mark Wintle with an in depth review of the new roach book by Dr Mark Everard - good, he says, but room for improvement

Commercials Part 8 – Long Pole Fishing

Mark Wintle says it's time to move on to long pole and short line techniques

Jeremy Wade puts sea in his sights

Jeremy Wade, the host and star of 'River Monsters', found himself in a bit of a precarious position following the show's seventh season in 2015. Jeremy has been an extreme angler since 1982, and the 60-year-old has become an expert at locating and solving mysteries as they pertain to the world's most elusive freshwater fish. He's done it for so long and so effectively that he's almost run out of new freshwater monsters to unearth.

Boat Pool Catfish – Tony’s Specialist Scene

This month Tony Gibson finds himself connected to something large, something VERY large...

“Is that Mr Barbus Maximus?”

“Is that Mr Barbus Maximus?” “Why, yes…is that Mr Barbus Numerous?” I was on the phone to my good friend, Michael Loveridge, for the first time...

Summer Homework Reaps Reward

All the best laid plans come to nothing usually, but this time it was a PB barbel for Gary Knowles when a good plan came together

Getting Kids into Angling

Following a recent worrying report about the lack of youngsters taking up angling 15-year-old student, James McClusky, takes a look at some of the reasons behind the decline, and suggests a few possible solutions

Commercials Part 14 – The Method, Part 2

Mark Wintle and master Method angler Stu Dexter on fishing 'The Method'.
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