The Pleasure Angle – Dear Santa…….

Mark Hodson has some great ideas for Christmas gifts and your time is one of the best.

The Alternative Angler – Olympic Angle

Kevin Perkins has some great new ideas to get angling into the 2012 Olympics.

Carp Fishing – Nick's Summer Diary

Join Nick Burridge on a Shropshire water in this video film, which looks at all aspects of Nick's carp fishing, including some great tips on line lay.

This Fishing Life

Reality fishing, this article is for all those anglers that have to work, experience tangles, lose fish and catch bootlace eels, says Niel Dunnage.

Carp Fishing – Playing the Baiting Game

Neil McLaren takes a look at different carp baiting strategies and tries to unravel the mysteries of what to feed, and when.

Some Canterbury Tales: a Collection of Remembrances, Lies and Half-Truths by Geoffrey Chancer aka...

When my mate Baz and I were Seventeen we both joined a local angling club. They had no waters of their own, but went on weekly trips aboard a coach, usually venturing into the deepest wilds of Kent and occasionally travelling further afield. The spirit of the club lives with me still. I don't recollect ever meeting such an ill assorted bunch of lunatics, idiots and nutcases all assembled in the same place. Well, I did once visit someone in the local mental hospital, but when I think back, her fellow inmates didn't even come close to this lot.

The Alternative Angler – Chav-Vendor

Kevin Perkins brings out the bling and the Burberry and claims that the Tackle Tarts have been setting the trend all along

Keeping Records and Learning Lessons: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is thinking about his fishing, really thinking...

Roll on June the 16th – reflections on barbel angling

TF Gear and Fishtec online marketing manager Ceri Thomas talks about his new-found favourite river fish - the hard fighting barbel!

Barbel Fishing on the River Swale – Breaking my Duck

Sean Meeghan opens his barbel account on the Rivers Nidd and Swale and offers some very interesting thoughts on bait.
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