The Alternative Angler – News Peruse

This week we're surfin' canal locks and scoffing carp as Kevin Perkins takes a look at the latest crop of quirky stories to hit our newspapers

The Alternative Angler

Kevin Perkins is back off holiday and visits his local tonsorial arrangement parlour, and tells us about a swim poaching, donkey faced, camel sh***ing infidel. Amongst other things.

It was Twenty Years Ago Today – Part Two

In part two of his look back at twenty years of the Barbel Society Steve Pope looks at publications and projects.

Commercials Part 10 – Rod & Reel Floatfishing # 1

It's time to look at fishing commercials using a rod and reel, says Mark Wintle

The Irish Angle – The Potty Irish Angler

In the latest of his 'Irish Angle' series for FishingMagic Dave Houghton looks at the exploits of one angler who was not happy with the huge number of lakes in his part of the Emerald Isle - he wanted one more!

James Farrow Memorial Charity Fish-in – Update

An update about sponsorship money and auction items for this event - Please Read

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins remembers (just) going after the girls and wasting beer tokens.


The Angling Trust is taking the lead in a coalition of eleven sporting organisations calling for cormorants and goosanders to be added to the General Licence, in order to make control of these predators easier.This is a heartening development. It is also a suitable juncture to consider what our position on fish-eating birds actually is.

Fishing wth Emma: Winter Carp – Part Two

In her new angling adventure Emma is on a commercial pool, hoping to be able to tempt one of the larger carp.

Wintle’s World of Angling

"I have had many excellent opening day sessions, though a few remained engraved in my memory for all the wrong reasons... says Mark Wintle
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