The Alternative Angler – Home from Home

Kevin Perkins with more crazy gear from TickleTackle - The CRAAVE System

Winter Chubbing

Christian Barker aka 'The Chav Professor' takes a detailed look at his angling passion - winter chubbing - and has some particularly insightful thoughts on that perennial chub conundrum - effective bite indication.

Dog Day Afternoons

Mark Williams weighs up the value of fishing and friendship on a trip out of Weymouth

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp – Part Five

Emma started off by using simple, straightforward feeder tactics to get a picture of the lake and the fish it holds; how did she get on?

What do you get from Fishing?

It's important yes, but fishing is not just about catching fish.

Wintle’s World of Angling – Rod Licences

Mark Wintle wonders if we really need a rod licence and makes a convincing case for doing away with it

The Alternative Angler – Alternative Pantomimes

It's pantomime season again, says Kevin Perkins and decides to give some of the traditional performances a piscatorial makeover. And more new products from TickleTackle!

FishingBig – Member Discounts When You Buy Now!

An exclusive offer from FishingBig for all FishingMagic members.

Pilgrim’s Progress

"Carrying it back to the unhooking mat I was definitely shaking. This wasn't the quiver that's associated with being frightened, cold or tense, though. No, this was brought on by nothing other than excitement."

Chub Fishing on a Rising River

Sean Meeghan enjoys some 'proper fishing' and offers some thoughts on getting the most from a rapidly rising river.
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