Win Tickets to the Go Fishing Show

Answer this simple questions to win tickets to the biggest fishing show in Europe. All kids go for free!

The Alternative Angler

Following the rejection of John Wilson by Terrestrial TV, Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins has some great ideas for alternative programmes

ReelRods Caption Competition

Think of a witty caption to the photograph in our latest caption competition and win a Daiwa rod or reel from

This Week’s User Review Competition Winners!

Find out who walks away with a bunch of Sonu Baits for the best user reviews submitted last week. It could be you!

Summer Carp Fishing

Rich Wilby is an experienced carp catcher and, running his own fishery, also sees on a daily basis what's working and what's not. Here he looks at how to catch when the going gets hot!

Sea Fishing – Alan Yates’ Monthly Diary

In his latest diary offering Alan Yates asks if you are ready for winter, and for some 'proper' sea fishing?

A Perfect Fixed Spool Trotting Reel

Mark Wintle has a dream of owning the perfect fixed spool trotting reel. Here's exactly what he's looking for. Reel manufacturers please note!

Bide your Time!

How to pass on the angling bug? Cliff Hatton fails - gloriously!

From the ‘ill to the Valley

Cliff Hatton heads west to the River Wye to open our series of 'Rivers Month' features.

Jeremy Wade puts sea in his sights

Jeremy Wade, the host and star of 'River Monsters', found himself in a bit of a precarious position following the show's seventh season in 2015. Jeremy has been an extreme angler since 1982, and the 60-year-old has become an expert at locating and solving mysteries as they pertain to the world's most elusive freshwater fish. He's done it for so long and so effectively that he's almost run out of new freshwater monsters to unearth.
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