Home Features Bailey & Coster 'Our way with...'

Bailey & Coster 'Our way with...'

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with… Distance Fishing

Dave Coster - Fishing at Long Range HITTING THE HORIZON Match and pleasure anglers have...

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with…Big Roach

Dave Coster - Big Winter Roach OFF PEAK At one time I thought tracking down...

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with…Wagglers

Dave Coster - River & Canal Waggler Tactics TREADING CAREFULLY Something I have learnt...

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with…Bread

Dave Coster - My Way with Bread IN THE BEGINNING My first proper acquaintance with...

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with…Chub

This is a new series for Fishing Magic and the concept sounds a good one to us. Dave Coster is a hugely...
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