Day Ticket Success with Rich Wilby

Join Nash consultant and fishery owner Rich Wilby in this video as he spends a day on his own Mustang Lake in deepest Norfolk.

Carp Fishing – Come Fly With Me!

Oli Davies packs away his bits of cork, trimmed pop-ups and black foam - and gets off to a real 'flyer'

Carp Baits – Just How important is Colour?

Join Nashbaits' Guru Gary Bayes as he discusses the importance of boilie colour. Does it really make a difference to your success?

Carp Fishing – Nick Burrage's Summer Diary: Part 3

Nash consultant Nick Burrage returns to his new syndicate water for another crack at the carp.

Carp Care Essentials with Alan Blair

Learn exactly how to use the Nash Medicarp Kit to best effect with Alan Blair in this instructional video clip.

Winter Fishing for Carp

Fishing in winter can be an arduous task at the best of times, long dark nights and cold days, hardly an exciting prospect. However with a little bit of thought and adaption to your usual fishing methods, winter can be one of the most rewarding seasons to be out on the bank. Ian Gemson tells how to get the best from it.

Carp Fishing – Alan Blair's Urban Banx

Here's a sneak peak at the all new 'Urban Banx' from Nash TV...Episode 3 coming soon!

Floater Fishing with Alan Blair

Join Nash Tackle's Alan Blair as he 'goes on top' to get amongst the carp

So What Do Carp Really Eat?

Ian looks at what the carp's natural food is and how he sees the angler's baits as being part of their diet.

Carp Fishing – Abbey Lakes Adventure

Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott is brushing up on his, er, 'French', as he heads across the channel to Abbey Lakes, a carp water that's been in the Premier League of the French carp circuit for over a decade.
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