Carp Baits and Nutrition Recognition

Graham Marsden wonders if the popular theories regarding carp and nutrition recognition are based on fact or fallacy.

Carp Care Essentials with Alan Blair

Learn exactly how to use the Nash Medicarp Kit to best effect with Alan Blair in this instructional video clip.

Carp Fishing – Nick Burrage's Summer Carp Diary: Part 5

Catch up with Nick in the final part of his excellent 'Carp Diary' video series

Floater Fishing with Alan Blair

Join Nash Tackle's Alan Blair as he 'goes on top' to get amongst the carp

Carp on the Fly Rod

In this Nash video Alan Blair goes stalking with just a fly rod and some imitation Riser Bugs.

Carp Fishing – Julian Cundiff's Top Ten Winter Tips

Julian Cundiff reveals his top ten tips for consistent winter carp success.

Carp Fishing – Issue 17 of the Carp Channel is now Live!

The new edition of the Carp Channel, now live on FM, brings you an exclusive insight into the trials and tribulations of big carp match fishing on huge waters, and much more besides...

How to Catch Carp in Weed

Ian Hirst looks at one of the most challenging problems of all of those that confront the carp angler - how to be successful when fishing very weedy waters.

Carp Fishing – Alan Blair Stalks a 31lb Mirror

In this terrific video clip Alan Blair shows how a short stalking session can produce some stunning results!

Winter Fishing for Carp

Fishing in winter can be an arduous task at the best of times, long dark nights and cold days, hardly an exciting prospect. However with a little bit of thought and adaption to your usual fishing methods, winter can be one of the most rewarding seasons to be out on the bank. Ian Gemson tells how to get the best from it.
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