Carp Fishing – Atomic Tackle Carp Diary 2

Rob Marsh is back with his monthly diary feature and this time, with his first choice of venue slowing right up, he is on a short 'away day' to Abbey Lakes.

Carp off the Top With Mark Pitchers

The latest issue of the Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of 'The Session' in which top carper Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Lake to reveal the tricks he uses to get more surface feeding carp to take his hook bait.

Nash Bait Monster Squid Boilies

Learn how to make top quality Nash Bait boilies from an expert in this instructive video film

Carp Fishing – Simon Crow is on the Trail of Some Big Carp

Check out this cracking video diary from top Nash consultant Simon Crow on Mesters Syndicate in North Lincolnshire.

Bait Boat Musings

Sleek, smooth, dynamic craft that can fulfil your every baiting and casting need...But Cliff Hatton wonders if bait boats are really 'progress'.

Carp Baits – Just How important is Colour?

Join Nashbaits' Guru Gary Bayes as he discusses the importance of boilie colour. Does it really make a difference to your success?

Carp Fishing – Short Trips, Quiet Days

Rich Wilby adapts his approach to make the most of short session carp fishing: travelling light, moving regularly and fishing the margins can all make a difference.

Carp Fishing – Gardner Tackle PB’s Galore at Abbey Lakes

Gardner Tackle team members Lewis Read, Alan Stagg and Calum Kletta recently took a trip out to Abbey Lakes in France to do some filming for the Gardner Tackle website and YouTube Channel.

Carp Fishing – The Essex Carp Championships

Taska-sponsored anglers Mark Wallis and Adam Kingston were fishing the Essex Carp Championships this week, here is their story of the event.

Carp Fishing – Urban Banx 5

It's time for the next instalment of Nash Tackle's brilliant 'Urban Banx' video series with Alan Blair.
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