Carp Channel Issue 20

The new, star studded issue of 'Carp Channel' is now live and free-to-view here on FishingMagic.

Bait Boat Musings

Sleek, smooth, dynamic craft that can fulfil your every baiting and casting need...But Cliff Hatton wonders if bait boats are really 'progress'.

Carp off the Top With Mark Pitchers

The latest issue of the Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of 'The Session' in which top carper Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Lake to reveal the tricks he uses to get more surface feeding carp to take his hook bait.

Carp Fishing – Briggs’ Blog

It's Blog number two and senior Nash consultant Steve Briggs travels to the intimate Badger's Holt in France in search of big carp, and he isn't disappointed - check it out!

Carp Fishing – Limited Time, Maximum Effort

Julian Cundiff offers up his top ten tips for short session success this autumn.

Carp Fishing: Tom’s Viral Episode 3

More carp fishing footage from the team at Nash Tackle in the next instalment of Tom's Viral.

Carp Fishing – Crowy on Woldale

Check out this video footage of some terrific summer fishing on the famous Woldale Syndicate in North Lincolnshire.

Carp Fishing – Groundbaiting for Carp

Keith Jones gets 'in the mix' and takes a look at one of the most underused and underrated tactics for catching carp - groundbaiting!

Carp Fishing – Steve Briggs on Cassien

A new video blog from Nash Tackle's Steve Briggs from the bank of the iconic French venue.

Carp Fishing – Urban Banx 5

It's time for the next instalment of Nash Tackle's brilliant 'Urban Banx' video series with Alan Blair.
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