Carp Fishing the Barbel Way

A change is as good as a rest but when barbel angler Graham Elliott decided to have a crack at some carp he didn't use carp rods, he stuck with what he knew best.

Carp Fishing – Inside Nash Tackle Part 2

It's episode 2 of Tom Forman's look behind the scenes at Nash Tackle in Tom's Viral.

Summer Carp Fishing

Rich Wilby is an experienced carp catcher and, running his own fishery, also sees on a daily basis what's working and what's not. Here he looks at how to catch when the going gets hot!

Carp Fishing – Inside Nash Tackle

Join Nash's very own Tom Forman for a new series on Nash TV - Tom's Viral.

Carp Fishing – Simon Crow is on the Trail of Some Big Carp

Check out this cracking video diary from top Nash consultant Simon Crow on Mesters Syndicate in North Lincolnshire.

Carp on the Fly Rod

In this Nash video Alan Blair goes stalking with just a fly rod and some imitation Riser Bugs.

Floater Fishing with Alan Blair

Join Nash Tackle's Alan Blair as he 'goes on top' to get amongst the carp

Close Season Carping: Baldwin’s Blog

This month Lewis is quick to accept that he is no Terry Hearn but a spot of carp fishing during the river close season shows he's not too shabby at catching carp...

Carp Fishing – Getting Ziggy With It

Check out the new video from Nash Tackle showing the awesome Adjustable Zig Rigs using Nash Zig Bugs, Zig Float and Gyro Bug Mix

Carp Fishing – Come Fly with Me

Oli Davies puts away his floaters, bits of cork, trimmed pop-ups and black foam - and gets off to a real 'flyer'
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