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Coarse Fishing

…and for my next trick – The Disappearing Pike!

If I could reproduce on stage the miracle I performed – with a witness – in the winter of 2015-16 on the banks of...

Emma's Challenge – Part 23

Emma's challenge has not exactly been going to plan, let's see if she fares any better with the next species!

Emma's Challenge – Part 22

After being plagued by skimmers in her roach session, Emma has moved on to the next leg of her challenge, so what's up next?

The End of Another Season

March 2015 reviewed: Tony Gibson gives us a round-up of the last couple of weeks of the season

Emma's Challenge – Part 20

Emma is making a start on her roach challenge, but how is she going to get on?

Tench – My Doctor Fish

Martin Salter is back taking a look at 'a little bit of politics' but, after the General Election result, it's a painful process and one which only a 'doctor' can heal

Emma's Challenge – Part 19

Emma is looking to catch a big roach, she's selected her rig and settled into a swim...

It was Twenty Years Ago Today – Part Two

In part two of his look back at twenty years of the Barbel Society Steve Pope looks at publications and projects.

Trotting, Dace and a Giant Chub – Tony’s Specialist Scene

Tony Gibson seems to be cursed when it comes to landing huge chub on the float, so just what happens when he hooks a possible PB on an Ouse session? Does it end in glory, or in tears?

Beneath the Waterline

Catch up with Jack Perks and his superb underwater fish filming.
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