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Coarse Fishing

  Never Forget…

...what it was like. That day in mid-August you fished alone and saw not a soul. You told yourself to remember exactly how it...

Jack Croxall: Old Monastery Pool.

  Just after the Second World War and with rationing still firmly in place, trading any extra food you grew or caught was near necessity....

Jack Croxall: The Demon Fish of Deepdale.

Some people said it was a monstrous eel. Some people said it was a landlocked sturgeon, an ancient creature touched by dark magic. Others...

Charles Overton: The Vicar’s Tale.

It was late September 1993, just a year or so after the salmon ladders were installed on the Thames weirs, that I made a...

“Is that Mr Barbus Maximus?”

“Is that Mr Barbus Maximus?” “Why, yes…is that Mr Barbus Numerous?” I was on the phone to my good friend, Michael Loveridge, for the first time...

…and for my next trick – The Disappearing Pike!

If I could reproduce on stage the miracle I performed – with a witness – in the winter of 2015-16 on the banks of...

Emma's Challenge – Part 23

Emma's challenge has not exactly been going to plan, let's see if she fares any better with the next species!

Emma's Challenge – Part 22

After being plagued by skimmers in her roach session, Emma has moved on to the next leg of her challenge, so what's up next?

The End of Another Season

March 2015 reviewed: Tony Gibson gives us a round-up of the last couple of weeks of the season

Emma's Challenge – Part 20

Emma is making a start on her roach challenge, but how is she going to get on?
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