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Rigs Page – Bullet Booms

This time Basil McCabe has been experimenting with drilled musket balls and anti-tangle tubing to make a 'bullet boom'

Fighting for Fishing – Martin Salter’s Blog

Once again we are delighted to be able to bring FishingMagic browsers an extract from Martin's latest blog in which, amongst other things, he offers season's greetings - and looks ahead to 2013.

Roger Wyndham Barnes – A Life Well Fished

Martin Salter and colleagues look back at the life of the last great Thames professional, Roger Wyndham Barnes.

Barbel into Autumn: Baldwin’s Blog

For Lewis Baldwin it's rapidly approaching the time of year he most looks forward to but before autumn 'proper' arrives there are barbel to be caught.

Tackling Commercial Fisheries – Ian Welch joins Russ Evans 'In Session'

Commercial fisheries usually have an excellent stock of fish but getting the most from them still calls for precise fishing and attention to detail and whether you are looking to fish a match or simply enjoy a pleasure session there are few anglers better to demonstrate top tactics than Russ Evans.

From the ‘ill to the Valley

Cliff Hatton heads west to the River Wye to open our series of 'Rivers Month' features.

Any Questions Part One: River Carp and Tench Groundbait

Paul Garner kicks off the first 'Any Questions' in association with the team at Nash Peg One.

Hosting Foreign Anglers

Just where in the UK do you take a foreign angler to fish when they are used to spectacular venues and 'trophy' species? Martin Salter has his work cut out in his latest blog.

Abolish the River Close Season for Coarse Fish? No Way!

Rod Sturdy has his say on the current debate regarding the status of the current close season

Perch Fishing – Learning to Love Canals

Martin Salter has never loved canal fishing but developing a 'new' method over the Xmas break that has put him amongst the perch may well change his mind
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