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Coarse Fishing

The Tench Timetable 00:05

#5 TENCH RIGS & END TACKLE We are about halfway through my Tench Timetable guide to (Spring) tench fishing,...

Helicopter Rigs

CHALLENGING TIMES I’ve always enjoyed using a good degree of finesse in my fishing, so I’m not a massive...

My River – Dr Mark Everard

We are never going to write up a more fascinating My River than this one, for the simple reason that Mark has...

The Tench Timetable 00:04

#4 TACKLE We are pretty much halfway through this Tench Timetable guide of mine, and I really hope it...

Lure Fishing with Robbie Northman #2

Fishing with Friends THE THOUGHT PROCESS A simple session, catching up with friends on the...

Stillwater Chub

CHASING SHADOWS Since moving to the Midlands I have discovered a wealth of lakes...

CEMEX Angling – Decline and Fall of an Empire

Ian Welch takes a short and highly personal look at the rise and fall of the commercial angling giants.

Specimen Bream – An Easy Way to Catch Them

Eddy Widdup reckons almost anyone can go out and bag a 'proper' dustbin lid

Bailey & Coster – Our Way with… Angling Myths

Dave Coster – My Way with Angling Myths BREAKING BREAD

The Tench Timetable 00:06

#6 BAITS Over the past ten years, April, May and June have been my hectic tench guiding months, and...
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