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Fishing with Emma – The Monster in the Pool: Part Four

Emma is trying to 'match the hatch' and is ready to start fishing the pool, what will she find?

Rigs Page – Bullet Booms

This time Basil McCabe has been experimenting with drilled musket balls and anti-tangle tubing to make a 'bullet boom'

The Glorious 16th: The Pope’s River Diary

To celebrate the opening of the 2014/15 river season who better than the one and only Steve Pope

Rudd Fishing – Summer Ruddin’

Summer is finally here and Mark Barrett takes a look at a species which, more than most, defines the season.

Emma's Challenge – Part Two

Emma has set herself a target of three different specimens on three different methods from three different fisheries - in three weeks!

Wye Barbel and Reservoir Pike – The Doc Spot

FishingMagic is delighted to extend a welcome to long-time site contributor Dr Paul Garner, who now joins us on a regular basis as part of our monthly team of diarists. This month it's River Wye barbel and reservoir pike that are on the Doc's mind

Fishy Tales

MEETING THE ENIGMA I was told there was an angler who regularly caught big...

New River Season – Geoff Maynard

To celebrate the new season we asked the great and good of FishingMagic to say a few words on their hopes, thoughts and aspirations for the months ahead. Today it's the turn of the one and only Geoff Maynard.

Fishing with Emma – Canal Pike: Part Seven

Emma has hooked something on her first cast, but it doesn't feel quite 'right'...

Emma's Challenge – Part Ten

Emma has a hooked a big eel, but it's heading for a snag, can she stop it in time?
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