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Barbel Fishing – A Summer of Barbel

Andrew Kennedy reflects upon a marvellous summer's barbel fishing on the Derbyshire Derwent and reveals some of the key bait and rig tactics that brought him success.

Let’s Spend The Night Together

Andy Looks back on his first night fishing (?) session and considers the possibility that it may also be his last!

Angling Sponsorship – Tony’s Specialist Scene

This month Tony Gibson takes a look at one of the questions he is most frequently asked: just how do you become a sponsored angler?

Big Perch, Big Roach, Scottish Pike and Man Flu: The Doc Spot

In this month's diary Paul Garner is chasing a lot of different big fish targets, suffering from the dreaded 'man flu' and looking forward to a dry 2013

Rolling on the River

Rolling has become a somewhat neglected tactic in the modern barbel angler's armoury so Eddy Widdup gets his meat out and has a bounce...

My Greatest Captures

As I have been chortling on about, the feedback from my lockdown offering on My Great Anglers has been gratifying (many thanks...

Jack Croxall: The Demon Fish of Deepdale.

Some people said it was a monstrous eel. Some people said it was a landlocked sturgeon, an ancient creature touched by dark magic. Others...

Fishing wth Emma: Winter Carp – Part Two

In her new angling adventure Emma is on a commercial pool, hoping to be able to tempt one of the larger carp.


Regrets? Cliff Hatton has had a few; but then again, too few to mention...

My Friend, Simon King

Bob Hornegold mourns the passing of a fine angler and regular FishingMagic contributor - his dear friend, Simon King.
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