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Emma's Challenge – Part 22

After being plagued by skimmers in her roach session, Emma has moved on to the next leg of her challenge, so what's up next?

The Fight of my Life.

Join FM's video blogger Shaun Cumming in his latest video for what he describes as 'The fight of my life!'

Fishing with Emma: Stalking a Chub Part Nine

Emma has hooked her small stream chub on a piece floating crust but will she land it?

Bailiffing our Fisheries – The Battle Ahead

Rod Sturdy is back on FM with a look at the problems of policing our inland waters - and, potentially, the first step in finding an effective, lasting solution.

Tarpon – In Search of the Silver King

Leonie Jones heads to Cuba in search of tarpon and, in the process, becomes totally addicted to fishing...

Marsh Pool: A Christmas ghost story

Alan Tomkins recalls an event from the 70s he can never forget, no matter how hard he tries...

The Boxer

This feature was Cliff Hatton's entry to this year's Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award (USA) and was subsequently published in Waterlog Magazine under the title 'Good ol' Mr. Wilson!' The new title, selected by Cliff, will be appreciated by all with an appreciation of the music of Simon and Garfunkel.

A January Barbel – Baldwin’s Blog

With very little chance to fish in January Lewis Baldwin manages to get the timing right and make the most of his one evening on the river.

Some Thoughts on Barbel Baits

Sean Meeghan had become lazy and seduced by the commercial bait scene but now he's really thinking about his barbel baits...has it made a difference?

Chub Fishing on the River Dane – Getting Intimate!

Phil Hackett, aka 'The Bad One', gets intimate with the delightful River Dane and its chub population.
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