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Coarse Fishing

Rudd Fishing – Summer Ruddin’

Summer is finally here and Mark Barrett takes a look at a species which, more than most, defines the season.

Fishing with Emma – Canal Pike: Part Two

Emma has walked the canal section she is going to be fishing, now it's time to get serious...

It's Christmas – And it's a Winter Wonderland…

Kevin Perkins is thoroughly enjoying fishing at 'his' time of year - it's winter!

Tench Fishing – Time for Tench: Part Two

Mark Barrett continues his series on tench fishing with a look at his favourite tench rig: The 'Tench Choddy'

Barbel Fishing – A Guided Experience

Fred Bonney gives his account of the guided day on the River Kennet referred to in Steve Pope's recent October Diary.

Barbel Fishing – Last Orders

Bait-Tech backed specialist angler Justin Beale has a final end of season barbel 'bagging' session on an in-form River Severn

The SAS Angling Four Seasons Cup – Round 3

Seconds out... and the SAS are bobbing and weaving on the lookout for dustbin lids!

Whatever Happened to the Close Season?

As part of our Rivers Month series Martin Salter kicks off our celebration of 16 June with a look at whatever happened to the 16th

CEMEX Angling – Decline and Fall of an Empire

Ian Welch takes a short and highly personal look at the rise and fall of the commercial angling giants.

Fishing with Emma – Stalking a Chub Part Five

Having spooked her intended quaqrry Emma now has a dilemma: does she stay or does she move?
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