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Coarse Fishing

Splash and Grab

Simon Dunbar rediscovers his angling mojo via a brief affair with a rather unusual species.

Fishing with Emma – Stalking a Chub Part Seven

After spooking her quarry Emma has found her chub again, and is trying a different approach.

Flamin’ June: The Doc Spot

Paul Garner quite likes June, but this year it didn't like him - although his fortunes changed somewhat with a return to the river right at the end of the month

The 2013 Avon Roach Project Match

In his latest blog Martin Salter takes a look at the match which benefits the Hampshire Avon Roach and Barbel populations; last year he won it, could he do the double?

Mullet Madness

In his latest blog Martin Salter has seemingly gone mullet mad

Fishing with Emma – The Monster in the Pool: Part Five

Emma makes her first few casts into the pool with a lure - she knows how to work one to best advantage so a result shouldn't be too long in coming...

Whatever Happened to the Close Season?

As part of our Rivers Month series Martin Salter kicks off our celebration of 16 June with a look at whatever happened to the 16th

Fishing in a Winter Wonderland

Christian Barker urges everyone to get out and keep on fishing - no matter what the elements throw at us this winter.

Silt Fishing and Flavoured Maggots – Any Questions Part Two

Lewis Baldwin and Bernard Anderson from Peg One are in the frame for the second round of questions.

Fishing With Emma – Short Session Carping 3

Emma's on a short session after carp and this week she's ensuring her set up is capable of dealing with hooking carp at close quarters...
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