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That Was The Year That Was…

Martin Salter looks back at 2013 and concludes that, all things considered, it was a good year...

Rod Licences – Beware of Rip-off Merchants

It's that time of year when you need to renew your rod licence and Martin Salter offers some timely advice in his latest blog.

A Handmaiden’s Progress

Leonie Jones refuses to sit back and be a fishing widow... in fact for her it's a case of wanting to do it every bit as good - in fact better - than the boys!

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp – Part Five

Emma started off by using simple, straightforward feeder tactics to get a picture of the lake and the fish it holds; how did she get on?

Catfish, Carp and Eels: Tony’s Specialist Scene

This month Tony is still 'water hopping' and chasing cats and carp. In addition he is still on the Nash Roadshow circuit, but does find time for a social session on a delightful venue where it's 'not all about the fish.'

Behind the Scenes with the Thames Fisheries Team

Earlier this year, the Thames Anglers' Conservancy (TAC) attended an EA fish survey on the Thames and Steve Holmes took the opportunity to question the Fisheries officers on their work.

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Brian Skipworth, aka S-Kippy, brings FishingMagic a shameless seasonal re-working of a classic Christmas poem

Meet Andrew Kennedy

As part of the launch of the new look and feel of FishingMagic we are not only bringing a number of 'household' angling names into the fold; we have also started to scout some bright 'new' writing talent - meet Andrew Kennedy!

Roach, Zander and Fish Behaviour: The Doc Spot

In this month's diary Paul Garner is looking at phenology (phenwhat...?), extreme weather and how to keep the bites coming.

Ladies’ Day on the Lower Itchen

Brian Skipworth, AKA 'Skippy' recounts the day when a team of FishingMagic's finest headed down to the Lower Itchen Fishery in search of 'the ladies'
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