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New River Season – Geoff Maynard

To celebrate the new season we asked the great and good of FishingMagic to say a few words on their hopes, thoughts and aspirations for the months ahead. Today it's the turn of the one and only Geoff Maynard.

Chub Fishing – Lure vs Fly

Casting artificial lures or flies is an intimate, exciting way to target autumn chub. Dominic Garnett pitted his arsenal of fur and feathers against the lure expertise of Bob James.

Close Season Musings

Mark Barrett has his say on the season just gone and then gets in with the first comments on the close season in general

My Friend, Simon King

Bob Hornegold mourns the passing of a fine angler and regular FishingMagic contributor - his dear friend, Simon King.

Carp of all Sizes: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is on the crucian carp trail (along with everyone and their dog...) and there are some 'proper' carp putting in an appearance too.

Rivers Week – It’s the Habitat Stupid!

In his latest blog Martin Salter is looking forward to heading down under, but first he is supporting some of the excellent work of the Rivers Week programme led by the Environment Agency.

Trotting, Dace and a Giant Chub – Tony’s Specialist Scene

Tony Gibson seems to be cursed when it comes to landing huge chub on the float, so just what happens when he hooks a possible PB on an Ouse session? Does it end in glory, or in tears?

Like a Virgin

Are you sitting comfortably? Then Andy Scholey will tell you the story of how he lost his virginity.

Do Fish Feel Pain?

In his latest blog Martin Salter looks at the question so many non-anglers frequently ask - but do fish really have the brain for pain?

Making a Mark for Water

In his latest blog Martin Salter is back in the 'old place' for the Water Bill, but this time observing the political process rather than being actively involved in it...
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