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The Pope’s Christmas Sermon

Who better than 'The Pope' to deliver FM's Xmas feature this year? Better still it's a two-parter so he will be helping FM to see in the New Year too!

Invasive Alien Species that Affect our Native Fish Species

While invasive animal species are widely considered a problem by naturalists/zoologists for our native wildlife they are not always looked at from an angling point of view. James McClusky takes a look at alien species in the UK that may affect native fish populations.

How to catch a grayling

What a pompous title for an article! Perhaps 'How I prefer to catch grayling' would be a better title but anyway.

Passion for Barbel… A Wye Afternoon

I count myself very fortunate that I have a clutch of young fishing pals because I like to get down with the...

Fishing with Emma: Winter Carp – Part Seven

Emma is looking to single out a big winter carp from a commercial, check out how she is getting on...

It was Twenty Years Ago Today – Part Two

In part two of his look back at twenty years of the Barbel Society Steve Pope looks at publications and projects.

The Ghost in the Drain.

The Indifferent Crucian relates his tale from some time ago when he encountered a ghost carp in a quite tiny stream, but discovered far more.

Commercial Fisheries – Baits for Success

FishingMagic TV brings you Russ Evans' guide to the essential baits for getting the most from your fishing on commercial pools.

The Tench Timetable 00:01

The great advance made this century for tench fanatics is that we are now allowed to fish for them before the traditional...

Barbel Fishing: Baldwin’s Blog

Lewis Baldwin recounts his capture of a very special barbel.
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