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Coarse Fishing

Don’t Drink the Water!

Laguna's Managing Director and Product Designer, Chris Wilson, takes a look at bait preparation at home using tap water...do we 'really' know what's in it?

The Fishing Widow

Neil Maidment takes a look at angling life...from a very different perspective.

Come to Ireland – The Fishing is Brilliant

Ireland remains the top angling holiday destination from the UK. It is a country with an immense wealth of unspoilt waters, free year-round fishing, no rod licences, is easily accessible and passports are not required - you can even bring your dog on holiday!

Ebro Cats – Tony’s Specialist Scene

This month Tony is on Catalunya's famous River Ebro, in very challenging conditions, in search of catfish.

Let’s Not Unlearn the Lessons About Dredging

Flooding - again - you just can't escape it in the media at the moment and here, after a brief introduction, Martin Salter hands over his keyboard to Charles Clover for a guest blog.

The Demise of the Tackle Shop

Peter Hobson rues the passing of a local tackle shop - and explains just why he sported the bright red tip of a 'Trent-master' stick float in the top pocket of his suit instead of the usual buttonhole on his wedding day.

The Butcher goes a-carpin'

Dizzee Rascal, Puff Daddy and Tinie Tempah join the intrepid Cliff Hatton on the banks of a delightful lake. Is he pleased...?


Richard Cleaver has long admired Kipling's famous poem and, with apologies to Rudyard, he has adapted it for anglers...

A January Barbel – Baldwin’s Blog

With very little chance to fish in January Lewis Baldwin manages to get the timing right and make the most of his one evening on the river.

Emma's Challenge – Part Two

Emma has set herself a target of three different specimens on three different methods from three different fisheries - in three weeks!
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