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Coarse Fishing

It’s Good to be Back

As much as he loves his foreign fishing adventures, Martin Salter is pleased to be back on his own rivers.

Emma's Challenge – Part Five

Emma is targeting a big eel as the first leg of her challenge, but how is she going to fish for one?

Emma's Challenge – Part Four

So, have you worked out what Emma was attached to, and what she may be fishing for as the first part of her challenge?

Catching those Dream Fish

Martin Salter is off to the Himalayas in search of golden and chocolate mahseer and is thinking 'preparation, preparation, preparation.'

Fishing Britain is Back

Check out the first in the new series of Fishing Britain - and get to grips with crucians.

Emma's Challenge – Part Three

Catch up with the latest episode of Emma's challenge

Emma's Challenge – Part Two

Emma has set herself a target of three different specimens on three different methods from three different fisheries - in three weeks!

Big Fish Instinct – Tony’s Specialist Scene

The back end of 2014 was a busy time for Tony Gibson, catch up on his exploits as he trusts his angling intuition in his latest 'Specialist Scene' diary.

The Fight of my Life.

Join FM's video blogger Shaun Cumming in his latest video for what he describes as 'The fight of my life!'

Emma's Challenge – Part One

Join Emma as she takes on a new challenge!
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