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Coarse Fishing

Coarse Fishing

Closing Night

At the end of the season Jeff launches his last concerted attacks on the rivers with some successes and some failures.

Opening Day

The Indifferent Crucian reflects on the season's opening day and how carefully laid plans often go awry

Chub Heaven

"I've just spent a weekend in chub heaven." say Sean Meeghan, he'll tell you all about if you read here

Rigs Page – Bullet Booms

This time Basil McCabe has been experimenting with drilled musket balls and anti-tangle tubing to make a 'bullet boom'

A Perfect Evening

How many of us can relate to this story by The Indifferent Crucian, short but very, very sweet reminiscences.

Back to Whips

Jeff Woodhouse looks back to the day he was converted to the whip and he later challenged a young lad to catch 100 fish in just 3 hours.

The Accidental Barbel

Sean seems to be heading for double trouble; not only fishing for barbel with a 16s hook, but fishing with Deanos too?

The Ghost in the Drain.

The Indifferent Crucian relates his tale from some time ago when he encountered a ghost carp in a quite tiny stream, but discovered far more.

I Should Cocoa!

A True Story ... unfortunately

Short Whip Fishing

Peter Jacobs with an in-depth look at short whip fishing. "Far from being a brainless method, fishing a short whip can be an exciting, fruitful and rewarding experience," says Peter
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