Trev the Bailiff 3: ‘All in a Day’s Work’ by Rod Sturdy

Trev is as conscientious a bailiff as you could wish to find, he does his regular rounds of Cowpat Lake, day in day out...


Fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

The Asian Mind (Mahseer dreams)

More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

Fiction: The Fishing Tree

A story about the birth of angling

Fishing Heaven or Hell?

It's fiction, but this could be a disturbing look into the future of angling by Andrew Scholey.

The Record Carp

A 100lb carp? Now that would be a record. Geoff Maynard spins a Christmas fishing tale.

FishingMagic Christmas Special 2009 – The Last 2lb Roach

Boxing Day 2020. The FishingMagic Bristol Avon Fish-in with a difference - a guaranteed 2lb river roach! Imagined by Mark Wintle

A Good Bait

A great deal on tackle, the perfect bait, a good companion and a chance to fish the finest water in the country. Roger was in heaven: More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

Mekong Monsters

More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard
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