Trev the Bailiff 3: ‘All in a Day’s Work’ by Rod Sturdy

Trev is as conscientious a bailiff as you could wish to find, he does his regular rounds of Cowpat Lake, day in day out...

The Record Carp

A 100lb carp? Now that would be a record. Geoff Maynard spins a Christmas fishing tale.

One for the youngsters: ‘Decent Dan’ by Cliff Hatton. Part 1 of 3

It occurred to me recently that a great many of our viewers will be dads and grand-dads eager to steep their sprogs and grand-sprogs...

Fishing Heaven or Hell?

It's fiction, but this could be a disturbing look into the future of angling by Andrew Scholey.

FishingMagic Christmas Special 2009 – The Last 2lb Roach

Boxing Day 2020. The FishingMagic Bristol Avon Fish-in with a difference - a guaranteed 2lb river roach! Imagined by Mark Wintle

Mekong Monsters

More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

A Good Bait

A great deal on tackle, the perfect bait, a good companion and a chance to fish the finest water in the country. Roger was in heaven: More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

The Asian Mind (Mahseer dreams)

More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

Decent Dan: Part 4

Part 4 of Decent Dan sees Dan and his mate, Pete, exact their revenge!   Twice, Pete had casually brought into the conversation his ‘secret weapon’....
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