The Alternative Angler – The Club that Never Was

Kevin Perkins would love to write about this club that doesn't exist, but can't due to 'no publicity' rules. So let's just pretend we've read it.....

The Adventures Of Donald Effingham-Mudde & Damien

In Part 2 of their carbelling adventure Donald and Damien pit their wits against each other once again. Who will come out on top this time?

The Alternative Angler

Is seeking a single species a case of being simple minded wonders Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins, who now just fishes for bites

The Adventures Of Donald Effingham-Mudde & Damien

Move over Mr Crabtree, here comes Donald Effingham-Mudde and his young buddy Damien!

Alternative Angler Archive

Alternative Angler Archive

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins gets out his crystal ball again and sees a number of things in the future that some of us (most of us?) won't like at all........

Dear Bill – A letter to an angling agony aunt

Cliff Hatton gets put on hold

Wayne & Jason Go Night Fishing

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The Alternative Angler – Curious Crabtree

Kevin Perkins found himself yearning for a mainline dose of nostalgia in the shape of Mr Crabtree.

The Alternative Angler – A Quiet Life

Kevin Perkins thinks it's time for something completely different and becomes the Alternative Poet
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