The Alternative Angler – DVD Review

Kevin Perkins takes a look at a lure fishing DVD from Fox and reckons you'd be better spending the money on a couple of lures.

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins doesn't like the rules at many trout fisheries and claims it would be better if they were 'artificial only' rather than 'fly only'

The Alternative Angler – Eleven Plus?

Kevin Perkins wishes he'd got the piking aptitude of an eleven year old......

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins couldn't believe his luck when he was offered the chance to join an exclusive syndicate, but...

The Alternative Angler – Of Mice & Real Men

Pike anglers are real men says Kevin Perkins. They sally forth in the depths of winter with nothing more than a moth-eaten sweater to keep them warm and do battle with the only coarse fish that bites back!

The Alternative Angler

Kevin Perkins' very own 'Guide To Freshwater Fish'. God, what will he come up with next!

The Unvarnished Truth – Part 1… another episode in the Donald & Damien Saga

Damien wasn't often lost for words, but this was one situation that left him speechless. Donald had been pottering around in the garage for some time, and Damien's curiosity had finally got the better of him, but the sight that met his eyes had literally stopped him in his tracks.

The Adventures Of Donald Effingham-Mudde & Damien

Christmas Special! The old git and the young yob clash at Christmas in this special episode. Who comes out on top this time?

Gis a Rod Granville!

Fat lad Derrick Deanos writing from his new home (his mate's garage) has now got a very expensive barbel rod, and thanks old greedy Granville for making him into an honest man...

The Alternative Angler

Does it do what it says on the packet? Asks Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins when he revisits a few tackle reviews.
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