The Alternative Angler – Barbel Babble

Kevin Perkins writes about 'The Fighting Barbel of the Manchester Ship Canal' and 'The Phantom Barbel of the South'. Well, what did you expect, something sensible?

The Alternative Angler – Commercial Break

Kevin Perkins bites the bullet and deliberately goes carp fishing - and on a commercial fishery at that!

Why Aren't There More Women in Angling?

Here, Paul Mortlock has had his thinking cap on (a tin one might have been more useful) to work out the reason why we don't see more ladies fishing on the river bank. His views will astound you!

The Alternative Angler

Kevin Perkins tackles stress and asks, "Are your fishing trips always carefree, or do you come back with more problems than you went with? Do doubts creep in even when you are planning the trip, will....?

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins introduces the occasional magazine for the game and sea angler.......

The Alternative Angler – Olympic Angle

Kevin Perkins has some great new ideas to get angling into the 2012 Olympics.

The Adventures Of Donald Effingham-Mudde & Damien

Christmas Special! The old git and the young yob clash at Christmas in this special episode. Who comes out on top this time?

Monday Morning Humour

It's Monday morning so we thought we'd ask Lee Swords to cheer you up. Somehow we think he's got a different sense of humour than most of us...

Meldrew’s Syndrome

Cliff Hatton takes a look around his world and simply can't believe it...

The Stillwater Barbel Society

Belligerent Bob Roberts announces a new angling body - The Stillwater Barbel Society, and blames FM's forum for his defection
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