The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins with more astonishing goodies from Tickletackle plc, that revolutionary new company that specialises in items made especially for Tackle Tarts.

The Alternative Angler – What Lies Beneath?

Kevin Perkins doesn't blank and may just have discovered what bites off duck's feet....

The Alternative Angler – Decisions, Decisions…

Watch it, Kevin Perkins has been clearing out his garage again. That means some decisive decisions are about to be made... Doesn't it?

All B*ll*cks and cormorants!

Cliff watches the TV News and comes to a conclusion...

The Adventures Of Donald Effingham-Mudde & Damien

Having escaped the EA with a warning Donald Effingham-Mudde and Damien get ready for a spot of lure fishing.

The Alternative Angler – Alternative Pantomimes

It's pantomime season again, says Kevin Perkins and decides to give some of the traditional performances a piscatorial makeover. And more new products from TickleTackle!

Election Fever – 2010

On the last day before the General Election we bring you this report on the "other runners" who may help to form a Government should there be a hung Parliament.

Monday Morning Humour #3

A timely dose of humour from <B>Cliff Hatton</b> to help you through the rest of the week...

Lonely Pearl Mussels Desperately Looking For Love

Spare a thought this Valentine's Day for the love-lorn freshwater pearl mussel, as the Environment Agency turns dating agency in an attempt to revive the ailing sex life of this fast disappearing native species

The Alternative Angler – Detective Deanos

Kevin Perkins presents: 'Detective Derrick Deanos, and the case of the Impostor Pies'
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